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9 Best Ways To Spend Time In College

College, if done right, is a time for self-discovery, meeting new people, and deciding the adult you want to be. It should be fun, freeing, and educational. To help you make the most of it, we’ve put together these 9 Best Ways to Spend Time in College. Your homework for the next four years is […]
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5 Homeless People Who Beat The Odds

homeless patriot

The United States has seen better days from an economic standpoint. Since the housing crisis of 2008, more individuals and families have found themselves homeless and fighting for the chance to find the American Dream. Fortunately, there are plenty of role models out there, even when the odds are seemingly stacked against you, that you […]
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8 Things Introverts Hate About The First Days Of School

The first days of school can be bad enough if you actually enjoy being around people. When you’re at your most comfortable in a room far away from the loud and obnoxious antics of classmates, however, this time can be almost unbearable. With today the first day of school for many of you, it set […]
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Cost Of Education: 12 Ways To Lower Your Debt Without Sacrificing Your Future

cost of education

The cost of education in America, like the cost of everything else (but TVs), continues going up, and with it, the burden students face isn’t getting any lighter. But even in a system run amok, there are still ways to reduce costs without sacrificing your future. Here are 12 that’ll help you through with a […]
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Why Schools Must Become More Tech Savvy

Twenty years ago, technology in schools was more of an annoyance than an actual tool that teachers could use to engage students. The Internet was in its infancy, but due to dial-up connections, a trip to the card catalog was a more convenient expenditure of time than waiting for that eeeeeyah eeeeeyah eeeeeyah of the […]
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6 Active Listening Drills To Improve Your Testing Skills

Hearing and listening, as you’re probably aware, are two different things. Your teachers have said that to you a million times — at least mine did. What they mean when they inevitably say those words is that your head is nodding, your eyes are on them, and sounds have probably entered your ears, or at […]
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Financial Literacy: Obstacles To Achievement, And Why They’re Worth The Trouble

Financial literacy is a difficult enough concept for adults, so it’s only natural that students, who are struggling to learn basic math, science, and English, and who often do not have a positive financial role model at home, find it difficult to master. As the nation’s economy continues to struggle, and the concept of retirement […]
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NFL To Stress Academics: 7 Reasons Why They Should Have Done This Yesterday

According to, the NFL is considering “not inviting players who are academically ineligible in college to the scouting combine.” The decision is believed to be influenced by the recent Aaron Hernandez murder case. CBS writer Bruce Feldman said the move is being discussed “because of the increased scrutiny on the maturity and commitment of […]
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Tony Bennett And How Not To ‘Hold Schools Accountable’

Tony Bennett, the former Indiana and current head of Florida schools, has been accused of giving preferential treatment to certain schools. According to a report from The Associated Press via Yahoo! News, emails revealed that Bennett’s school report card system graded on a considerable curve when it came to a prominent Republican donor. Bennett devised […]
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American Presidents On Education: 20 Quotes Throughout White House History

george washington

American Presidents have long been held in high regard for the influence — whether real or imagined — that they have brought to the nation throughout its 237-year history. On everything from economics to education, a President seeks to leave his mark and hopefully improve on what was there going in to the term. While […]
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