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College Application Roundup: Posts Every Senior Should Read

Well, seniors, you’re at the start of your final year of high school, and that means while you may rule the roost on campus, you also have a lot of things to get ready for regarding the upcoming chapter of your life. College application is usually what most of you will be focusing on in […]
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SAT and ACT Week: The Ultimate Mind and Body Prep Ritual

Tutoring students for the SAT an ACT isn’t just a random assortment of meetings – it’s a process. Do yourself the world’s biggest favor and follow these 7 steps to better your SAT and ACT scores.

9 Questions To Ask Before Enrollment

Enrollment in a new school can be an exciting but scary time for anyone. When your entire life hangs in the balance as it does with college enrollment, the pressure can get even more intense than you dreamed. Where you go to school — or if you go to school — isn’t a decision you […]
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Should You Take A Gap Year After High School?

A gap year is when you decide to take a year off between high school and college, and according to a new report from NPR, it’s starting to become a more popular way of getting ready for college. In a new episode of All Things Considered, host Audie Cornish featured takes from both students and […]
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Free Tuition: Good Idea Or Problematic?

Free tuition may not be such a pipe dream after all, if Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has anything to do with it. The Republican has proposed a system in his state of jurisdiction wherein every student without a scholarship would have free tuition to any in-state community college. Haslam alluded to his plan in the […]
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How To Get In To Stanford

Competitive advantages aren’t just helpful for landing a business investor or getting a bank to grant you a loan. They’re also necessary for ambitious students who are trying to get in to Stanford University or some other highly selective school. Recently, the question was raised over at Quora: “What were some of the major factors […]
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9 Best Ways To Spend Time In College

College, if done right, is a time for self-discovery, meeting new people, and deciding the adult you want to be. It should be fun, freeing, and educational. To help you make the most of it, we’ve put together these 9 Best Ways to Spend Time in College. Your homework for the next four years is […]
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8 Things Introverts Hate About The First Days Of School

The first days of school can be bad enough if you actually enjoy being around people. When you’re at your most comfortable in a room far away from the loud and obnoxious antics of classmates, however, this time can be almost unbearable. With today the first day of school for many of you, it set […]
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Cost Of Education: 12 Ways To Lower Your Debt Without Sacrificing Your Future

cost of education

The cost of education in America, like the cost of everything else (but TVs), continues going up, and with it, the burden students face isn’t getting any lighter. But even in a system run amok, there are still ways to reduce costs without sacrificing your future. Here are 12 that’ll help you through with a […]
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Top 10 Most Expensive Colleges In America: Are They Worth It?

expensive colleges

The 10 most expensive colleges in America could end up costing you a quarter of a million dollars over a four-year period if you’re bound and determined to get your undergraduate degree from them. And while that sounds super-expensive — okay, it IS super-expensive — recent reports, such as this one from USA Today, have […]
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