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8 Financial Tips For College Students

Starting life as a college student can be challenging, especially if it’s your first time to take up financial responsibility. While you may have learned some things from watching your parents, there are still more than a few temptations that can lead you astray. And since you’re trying to get your bearings with a more […]
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8 College Realities That Are Nothing Like High School

College is often referred to as “real life” when contrasted with high school, and that’s pretty much true for better and worse. This week we started thinking about college realities: how they compare to what you experience in high school and how they shape the rest of your life. Boiling it down to these 8 […]
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Five Amazing Online Resources College Students Forget to Use

Unless you come from money or have a trust fund, college is usually a time to scrimp and save. Luckily, you don’t have to eat ramen for every meal to save money. There are plenty of free online resources available for you to use through your college years, and beyond. Don’t forget to take advantage […]
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Beauty Tips for Staying Fresh Your Freshman Year

Your freshman year in college is an exciting time full of new experiences. But unless you have access to a trust fund or are super organized, it’ll also be a time when you are constantly short on time and funds. This can make staying on top of beauty and fashion trends challenging. It can be […]
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College Close to Home: What are Your Options for Staying Local?

As high school graduation nears, you may find yourself slightly less than eager to embrace your impending adult life. The thought of taking on new responsibilities while away at college without your parents by your side can be rather galling. Rather than wander far from home, you can ease yourself into adulthood and college life by […]
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Back to School: Super Efficient Ways to Decorate a Dorm Room

Decorate your dorm room

Decorating your dorm room can be exciting and challenging. Most likely, your main goals are to create a decor that is both attractive and functional. The following ideas can be used as a starting point for you to expand on as you create a room that reflects your personality, matches your study style, and accommodates […]
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