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10 Holiday Classics for Your Christmas Break

Holiday classics are not as rare as they used to be. We now live in an age where there is an explosion of content, and if even a small percentage of the new holiday-themed material is good, there is a lot more to chew on from a reader’s perspective. That said, the list you are […]
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Read Faster, Read Smarter: 6 Tips to Increase Reading Speed

As you rise up the educational ladder, you’re going to notice that teachers become more and more enamored with assigned reading. It’s as if they think the only thing you have time for is to open a book or turn on a Kindle. Keeping pace isn’t easy, especially if reading isn’t one of your preferred […]
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6 Graphic Novel Adaptations Of Classic Lit

I know developing a love for reading late in the game can be hard. I didn’t read my first novel until I was in the 10th Grade, and the only reason I did so then was because Ms. Hampton forced me to. The only way I was able to overcome that disdain for walls of […]
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8 Best Literary Horror Books

horrorlibrary literary horror books

Here we are on Halloween night! If you’re still tuned in to Facebook or G+, then you’re probably seeing this as you come home from trick-or-treating. If so, great! That means you don’t have to let the rest of the night slip away without adding some terrific tales of terror to your required reading list. […]
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6 Ways to Connect with Difficult Material

When prepping for any exam, you’re going to be faced with things you know, things you don’t, and information that is somewhere in between. The things you know aren’t worth the worry. But the rest is another story. That’s why we’ve compiled these 6 Ways to Connect with Difficult Material. Utilize these tactics for your […]
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Don’t Be a Speller-Dweller: 6 Tips for Strengthening Your Written Communications

It may not seem like today, in a world of texting shorthand such as “u for you,” “ur for your,” and “WTF for,” well–you get the picture–that spelling doesn’t matter anymore. Yes if you believe that, then just try to write a novel using this lazy man’s English and watch the rejection letters roll in. […]
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8 Techniques to Strengthen Memory

Memory becomes more important as you get older, whether you are studying for your first SAT exam or closing out your doctorate degree. In education, and life, it is essential. To make the most of yours you can’t simply allow it to stagnate. You have to use active techniques to build and strengthen memory so […]
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The Inverted Pyramid Style of Studying

If you’ve ever had a journalism class, then you know what the inverted pyramid style is in theory. If you’ve ever read a news story, then you know what the inverted pyramid style is in practice. Think about the imagery. A pyramid by itself has a wide base with two sides that converge upward to […]
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4 Tips for Beating the SAT Critical Reading Section

student reading

The SAT exam is one of the best determiners of whether one is ready for the next level of education beyond high school. If you have the desire to attend a college or university then taking this test is vital to scholarship opportunities and to knowing which career path will best suit you. The test […]
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