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GED 2014 Primer: Understanding The Exam’s New Logic

ged 2014

With the GED test changing “drastically” as of January 2, 2014, many students are feeling the pressure. The new exam is designed to operate as both a high school equivalency benchmark and as a springboard into furthering one’s education so that it will become easier to earn a livable wage. Instead of being broken in […]
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8 Best Literary Horror Books

horrorlibrary literary horror books

Here we are on Halloween night! If you’re still tuned in to Facebook or G+, then you’re probably seeing this as you come home from trick-or-treating. If so, great! That means you don’t have to let the rest of the night slip away without adding some terrific tales of terror to your required reading list. […]
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9 Great Teacher Qualities As Told By Students

great teacher qualities

Great teacher qualities often depend on the age, the stature, and the profession of the person you’re asking. One thing on which most people agree, however, is this: the education system would be nothing without quality teachers and any deficit as far as that is concerned means that students will fall behind in a hurry. […]
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Massachusetts Education Scores! But US Still Has A Way To Go

massachusetts education best in math and science timss

You can make fun of the accents all day long — though if you do, that makes you a jerk — but Massachusetts education has proven to be the smartest in the nation when you stack the United States up against other countries. According to a new report from the Associated Press, 19 percent of […]
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9 Frustrating Things About High School (According To Students)

The life of a high school student is filled with frustrations that can hinder the educational process and lead to many students dropping out in favor of their GED equivalency. Teachers are up against a set of politician-induced standards, and current modes of standardized testing require them to hit certain benchmarks or else. That can […]
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6 Good Study Habits For Working Smarter, Not Harder

good study habits are key to success

The difference between good test-takers and bad test-takers often boils down to the good study habits and prep time that go in to the days before the exam. While some will attest the best thing one can do is listen in class and do your best every day of school, you can incorporate smarter study […]
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Standardized Testing: A Useful Or Misused Tool?

standardized testing pros and cons

Standardized testing gets a lot of grief in the education community. (Some would say with good reason.) But is it really as bad as students and many teachers say? And should we consider abandoning a reliance on these assessments or continue to use them in an attempt to bring the system up to speed? For […]
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4 Non-Traditional Ways For Getting In To Med School

med school non-traditional

The traditional pathway to med school is rigorous work. Typically, you keep a 3.6 GPA through the undergrad years and score at least a 31 on the MCAT. From there, a number of schools consider your application, and you make a determination based on what offers are on the table. The process can be a […]
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Tech Jobs: How ASVAB And Other Non-College Opportunities Can Work For You

asvab other non college opps great for tech jobs

There are many important concepts that going to school, taking standardized tests, and earning a master’s or PhD can still teach you, but when it comes to technology, your options are not limited to these alone. In fact, in the new world, many colleges and universities have done a poor job of keeping up with […]
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AP Chemistry Exam: What To Learn, What To Expect


If you’re like us and still recovering from that incredible Breaking Bad finale a couple of weeks ago, you may be on such a high right now that you want to follow in the chemistry footsteps of Walter White (NOTE: not the meth footsteps, that would be stupid and dangerous, besides there can be only one Heisenberg).