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College for Cheap: How to Reduce Your Expenses This Year

Attending college isn’t cheap, but it’s definitely a necessary investment in today’s modern world. With so many different educational expenses to cover on top of the day-to-day ones, balancing student life and your personal life can be extremely stressful. While it’s common to be a starving student as you pursue a Bachelor’s in criminology or […]
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Applying for Internships after College

Graduating with your college degree does not necessarily mean you are ready to enter the job market. When you want to become a strong candidate for any job, you may first consider applying for internships to give you more experience in the field. Before you apply however, you should learn these important facts about these […]
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Beauty Tips for Staying Fresh Your Freshman Year

Your freshman year in college is an exciting time full of new experiences. But unless you have access to a trust fund or are super organized, it’ll also be a time when you are constantly short on time and funds. This can make staying on top of beauty and fashion trends challenging. It can be […]
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It’s a Balancing Act – 4 Tips to Develop Your Resume While Working.

With college prices rising, high school students are feeling the pressure to find a balance between working a part-time job to save money and building a resume to help them attain scholarship dollars. As great as that sounds, it is really possible to do both? Yes, it is possible! Here are a few strategies current […]
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Will MOOCs Mean An End To College?

One thing to come out of the massive open online course (MOOC) revolution is that many believe the educational constructs will end college as we know it. You know, paying $70,000 or more per year to attend a school that loads you up with debt and gives you no guarantee of a decent paying job […]
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Community College Students Not Likely To Earn Four-Year Degrees


Community college students are less likely to earn four-year degrees, according to a new study from the Century Foundation. The alarming find showed that 81.4 percent of students entering a community college planned to achieve a four-year degree, but only 11.6 percent actually followed through. Brian C. Mitchell, CEO of the Edvance Foundation, blamed it […]
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