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Degree Programs to Get You through School in Just A Few Years

As four-year college prices have sky-rocketed over the past few years and students struggle to pay back student loans, those looking for a cheaper and quicker alternative should consider other options. Programs such as online degrees, flight school, and community college are all great alternatives. Students do not need to succumb to insurmountable debt just […]
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Pick the Right Community College in 9 Easy Steps

community college

How to pick the right community college is not something many students think about when first setting their sites on postsecondary education, but it should be. There are many benefits to enrolling at a community college even though it may feel like you’re holding yourself back at first. This, of course, couldn’t be further from […]
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Community College Students Not Likely To Earn Four-Year Degrees


Community college students are less likely to earn four-year degrees, according to a new study from the Century Foundation. The alarming find showed that 81.4 percent of students entering a community college planned to achieve a four-year degree, but only 11.6 percent actually followed through. Brian C. Mitchell, CEO of the Edvance Foundation, blamed it […]
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