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Critical Thinking: 4 Great Answers for How to Improve Your Skills

A recent study on college and critical thinking raised some terrifying questions as to the quality of education that students are getting in the post-secondary world. Entrepreneur reports that 73 percent of graduates said college failed to teach them how to develop and ask their own questions. More from the piece as compiled by contributor […]
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Critical Thinking Or Memorization — Why Not Both? 

A recent article from Huffington Post entitled, “‘Most Likely to Succeed’: Schools Should Teach Kids to Think, Not Memorize,” has been kicking up some conversation, not because it has any particularly bad intent — the article is celebrating a new form of teaching that emphasizes critical thinking over knowledge dumps — but because of what […]
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Critical Thinking Essentials: Identifying Problems Without A Guide

A recent discussion on Quora asked the question, “What must every educated person know?” If ever there was an interrogatory that could get the debate flowing, that’s it! And the resulting discussions certainly didn’t disappoint. While whole books could be written on the subject — and many have been — we’d like to focus on […]
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