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10 Study Tips to Make This Semester a Success

Getting the energy and motivation to study can be a challenge for any student, whether you consistently get straight A’s, or if your grades could use a little work. Knowing how to study smart is the key to making your sessions more productive and efficient. Use these tips to help make your next study session […]
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Moral Compass: Jobs that Will Make You Feel Good About Yourself

The majority of Americans, 52.3%, report that they are unhappy at work according to a report put out by the Conference Board. Areas of dissatisfaction include financial compensation, promotion opportunities, job security, health plans, retirement funds, vacation time, and sick leave. While many Americans are unhappy with their work, not all are. There are some great […]
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All Work and No Play – Diversifying Your High School Life

Everyone’s heard the adage “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” right? The saying is also true for your class schedule. While it’s commendable to want to fill your schedule with honors classes, dual credit classes and advance placement classes;  there is also something to be said for pursuing a passion or […]
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Educational Do-Overs: Which Classes Would You Redo If You Could?

You may look back on your school years with fond memories, but be honest. There are classes you took that you shouldn’t have or classes you should’ve taken but could have done much better in. We’re all like that, and we all have to live with regret. But what if we could have educational do-overs? […]
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Standardized Testing: A Useful Or Misused Tool?

standardized testing pros and cons

Standardized testing gets a lot of grief in the education community. (Some would say with good reason.) But is it really as bad as students and many teachers say? And should we consider abandoning a reliance on these assessments or continue to use them in an attempt to bring the system up to speed? For […]
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American Presidents On Education: 20 Quotes Throughout White House History

george washington

American Presidents have long been held in high regard for the influence — whether real or imagined — that they have brought to the nation throughout its 237-year history. On everything from economics to education, a President seeks to leave his mark and hopefully improve on what was there going in to the term. While […]
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