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Social Media Extinction: 7 Reasons It’s Not Only Possible, But Likely

Social media is an everyday part of life for millions of people across the world, young and old alike. But considering it has barely existed for over a decade, it’s a little early to be calling it a staple of modern life. That may seem hard to believe, particularly if you are a student who […]
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16 Social Media Disruptions That Ruin Productivity

Social media has definitely changed the way we live and act, and not always for the better. For starters, each network — Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, etc. — has a seemingly infinite supply of distractions. While it’s okay to go down those rabbit holes every once and a while, they are addictive by nature, and you […]
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17 Social Media Resolutions For The Career-Minded Student

Social Media Resolutions For Students

The use of social media has risen to, some would say, epidemic proportions. It has taken over our lives, enabled us to make bad decisions, and become a liability in the job search. While this may not be true for you personally, you have to admit there are many people, even in your own friends […]
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