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Breaking Down the ACT

With all of the talk of test prep and college readiness, high school students often sign up for standardized entrance exams like the ACT and the SAT, but have no idea what either test truly entails. Let’s examine the ACT in more detail. The ACT has four required sections (English, math, science and reading) and […]
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Could New Science Testing Be On The Way?

The American education system could be up for an abrupt overhaul of how it teaches and incorporates science testing into curriculum. While the proposed changes may be a very long way off, they are probable given the ongoing comparisons to the world-at-large and the agreed-upon need for the US to get ahead and stop trailing […]
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Critical Thinking Essentials: Identifying Problems Without A Guide

A recent discussion on Quora asked the question, “What must every educated person know?” If ever there was an interrogatory that could get the debate flowing, that’s it! And the resulting discussions certainly didn’t disappoint. While whole books could be written on the subject — and many have been — we’d like to focus on […]
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ACT Test: Observations On Getting A Perfect Score

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The ACT Test is one of the most common indicators of where high school students stand regarding their college preparation in relation to their peers. The test covers math, science reasoning, reading, and English. To get a perfect score on the ACT, one would have to have a final composite of 36. It doesn’t happen […]
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