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50 Ways To Reward Yourself For Studying

ways to reward yourselfStepping away from distractions long enough to get some serious studying done can be difficult. That’s why you should always be thinking of ways to reward yourself for studying that are specific and appealing to your situation. We’ve attempted to help you kickstart efforts with our own list of 50. As you read through each of these, consider how you might be able to use or adapt them to suit your schedule and pace. Here goes!

One: A meal at a nice restaurant.

We’re talking about the kind of place where you’re expected to tip and a single entree costs at least $9.99. Of course, sitting in one of these places can be awkward when you’re alone, so make sure you bring a date.

Two: Fast and dirty food.

Fast food is bad, bad, bad, for your diet, but in moderation, it won’t kill you. Celebrate with a trip to Wendy’s for the triple cheeseburger or go somewhere else where you ordinarily shouldn’t.

Three: A night on the town.

This should involve your friends. Depending on your age, it could be a trip to a club or a group date. Just choose something fun where you can let your hair down and forget about all other obligations.

Four: A trip to the movies (with or without refreshments).

Got a film you’re interested in seeing on the big screen? Pack up another group of friends or hit an early matinee by yourself (not as creepy that way).

Five: Browsing at the bookstore.

Reading for pleasure is one of the first things to go when you’re knee-deep in study time. Take back your love of the written word by going to your local bookstore and browsing the shelves for ideas, or buy something that’s been on your radar.

Six: A song from iTunes.

Apple’s iTunes is the easiest digital music store in the world to buy music from, and since you can purchase by the song instead of album, expect to pay only 99 cents to $1.29 per individual tune.

Seven: An addition to your movie or TV collection.

Some of you may still be in to Blu-ray and DVD. I’m a VOD guy myself. Choose your method of delivery and buy a movie or TV show. (Or rent one if you don’t feel like paying $14.99 to $19.99 for new releases.)

Eight: An app or game on your tablet.

Here, we say app or game because some of our favorite apps are productivity-based, though we do still enjoy the occasional round of Tetris Blitz or The Room. Pick one that you like and add it to your tablet or smartphone.

Nine: A console game.

This is one of the more expensive ways to reward yourself for studying if you own a PS4 or Xbox One. Games are generally $60 or $70, so make sure you’ve really hit the books hard (and that you have enough money in your account).

Ten: A magazine subscription.

There are tons of great magazines in sports, business, lifestyle, entertainment, and special interests. Pick one that suits you, and sign up!

Eleven: Date night with your significant other.

Time spent with the people we love is special. When you’re caught up studying for a big exam, you have to sacrifice too much of it. Take some of that time back as a treat.

Twelve: Attend a sporting event.

MMA, roller derby, minor league baseball, or college football, are favorites in my area. What about yours?

Thirteen: Buy a new piece of tech.

Get an iPad Air, a Samsung Galaxy Tab, a Kindle Fire, or one of the numerous set-top boxes for your television. (Or heck, buy a 60-inch flatscreen LED. You can get them for less than $1k now if you know where to look.)

Fourteen: Pick out a new outfit, shirt, pants, shoes, etc.



Fifteen: Exercise.

Lift weights. Ride your bike. Go for a jog. You’ll look better and feel better if you make it a habit.

Sixteen: A nap.

Because sometimes, you just need one.

Seventeen: A day off.

They’re fewer and further between the older you get. Enjoy them now while you still can.

Eighteen: Perfume or cologne.

It never hurts to smell your best.

Nineteen: Ice cream or dessert.

The extra calories won’t hurt. After all, you are exercising, right? (See No. 15.)

Twenty: Indulge your social addiction.

Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, you name it. Make time for it only after you’ve hit the books, and don’t let it consume you or you won’t have time for anything else.

Twenty-One: Photo shoot.

If you like photography, that is…

Twenty-Two: Fun with design.

I love doing book covers using Pages and iPhoto. Perhaps you like drawing tattoo designs. There’s a lot of fun to be had with indulging this part of your creative self.

Twenty-Three: Play sports.

It’s exercise with more fun, provided you’re part of city league baseball or basketball leagues. Co-ed flag football is another winner. Find a group of people who like sports as much as you do, and a league won’t be far behind.

Twenty-Four: Purchase concert tickets.

Your favorite bands and performers make most of their money through ticket sales, and they’re usually playing within driving distance. Follow tour dates on their official website, and when tickets are announced, pounce!

Twenty-Five: Karaoke night.

Who needs professionals when you can do their greatest hits in front of a bar full of people. (Not for the under-aged among you.)

Twenty-Six: Get organized.

Some sick people — like myself — get a charge out of organizing finances and future workload. If you’re one of us, this can be more fun than work.

Twenty-Seven: Video gaming session.

Careful not to become addicted. I once spent 12 straight hours playing a version of NCAA Football one Saturday. I’m no longer allowed to play video games.

Twenty-Eight: Visit a family member.

They’re not with you forever, particularly older relatives. Cherish that time now and use your non-study time to brighten their day with a visit.

Twenty-Nine: Work on your business.

If you’ve got an entrepreneurial mind, then this will be the most fun you ever have. If no, proceed to the next reward.

Thirty: Write your novel.

A lot of us feel like we’ve got one great book in us. But that’s the problem. It spends all it’s time “in us.” Let it out. Make it a reality once you’ve fulfilled your study obligations.

Thirty-One: Play (or learn to play) a musical instrument.

The guitar is the most popular instrument of choice, but it could be anything. Flute, harmonica, juice harp. It’s up to you.

Thirty-Two: Talk or text time.

Not sure how you like talking to your friends or SOs. Just choose whichever one works for you, and roll with it.

Thirty-Three: Window shopping.

Often times, I don’t really want to buy anything, but I’m too restless to stay at home. It’s those moments where I hit the stores and window shop until the urge to buy leaves me for good. I go away happy. You can, too.

Thirty-Four: Skydiving and other extreme sports.

For the more adventurous among you…

Thirty-Five: Enter a 5K or other running competition.

It’s one thing to run on your own with no end goal. If you’re like me, you eventually lose the urge and stop running altogether. But if you always have something to look forward to (i.e. competition), it’s a different story. Choose the distance that works for you and register!

Thirty-Six: Plan a ski trip.

Planning is half the fun. Going is the other half.

Thirty-Seven: Go white water rafting.

Just don’t watch Deliverance prior to the trip or you run the risk of flipping out.

Thirty-Eight: Head out on a camping trip with friends.

Nothing to clear your head and get back in touch with reality like reverting to the pioneer days, disconnecting, and enjoying some one-on-one camaraderie with your buds.

Thirty-Nine: Flea markets, collectibles, and Goodwill.

It’s a cheap way to shop, and you can find some pretty awesome stuff as well as reconnect with items that complete your sense of nostalgia.

Forty: Coffee.

The fancy $4 kind. You know you love it.

Forty-One: Fun parks.

Just watch your language around small children when you’re on the rollercoaster.

Forty-Two: Museums and other fun with history.

Every location has a history, and that history is often filled with color and intrigue. Take some time to visit a history museum in your area as well as other sites commemorating famous people and events. You never know what significant individual lived within a couple miles of your front door.

Forty-Three: Binge-watching.

There’s no greater fun than watching close to six years of Breaking Bad in two weeks. (Thank Netflix for this one.)

Forty-Four: Swimming.

Great exercise and great relaxation. Pretty much whatever you want it to be, really.

Forty-Five: Mudding or dirt-biking.

You people from the South will understand this one.

Forty-Six: Stand-up comedy.

Attending a comedy show is a lot of fun (depending on the comedian). Just make sure you’re with someone who doesn’t offend easily. These can get pretty blue.

Forty-Seven: Build your bucket list.

We all have things we want to do before we die. But how do you know what they are if you haven’t articulated them? Inevitably, you’ll leave some out when it comes to living life.

Forty-Eight: Learn a second language.

Hello, Duolingo! (Or should we say, Hola?)

Forty-Nine: Build a website from scratch.

Codeacademy will show you how.

And Fifty: Travel Differently

Learn how to operate another form of transportation (i.e. airplane, sailboat, motorcycle, etc.)

In Summary

Obviously, there are more than 50 ways to reward yourself for studying, so use this time to examine your own interests. From there, use these rewards to motivate more frequent and productive study sessions. Before too long, you may actually look forward to that next time spent with your nose in the books. However you decide to celebrate, just make sure that you do!

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