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All Work and No Play – Diversifying Your High School Life

Everyone’s heard the adage “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” right? The saying is also true for your class schedule. While it’s commendable to want to fill your schedule with honors classes, dual credit classes and advance placement classes;  there is also something to be said for pursuing a passion or […]
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Three things guidance counselors don’t tell you…but they should.

Guidance counselors, while they don’t have classes to teach or papers to grade, may be the most harried adults in any school. Counselors perform a variety of tasks including course selection, college visits, college and scholarship applications, standardized testing, and counseling students with problems. There aren’t enough hours in a day. While they have students’ […]
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It’s a Balancing Act – 4 Tips to Develop Your Resume While Working.

With college prices rising, high school students are feeling the pressure to find a balance between working a part-time job to save money and building a resume to help them attain scholarship dollars. As great as that sounds, it is really possible to do both? Yes, it is possible! Here are a few strategies current […]
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Securing Letters of Recommendation

How to acquire letters of recommendation

When preparing for college applications, most students understand the importance of taking the SAT or ACT, but many underestimate the value of obtaining quality letters of recommendation. Many college applications and most scholarship applications require anywhere from one to three such recommendations. Every college applicant meets the basic requirements for admission, so having strong letters […]
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Breaking Down the ACT

With all of the talk of test prep and college readiness, high school students often sign up for standardized entrance exams like the ACT and the SAT, but have no idea what either test truly entails. Let’s examine the ACT in more detail. The ACT has four required sections (English, math, science and reading) and […]
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A Spring Break To-Do List for Juniors

I Love Spring Break

While some are having fun in the sun on spring break, high school juniors can use the time to prepare for college applications in the fall. A week off from school doesn’t have to be filled with sleeping in and watching Netflix. Take the time to visit the colleges on top of your wish list. […]
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