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Can GED Students Get Scholarships: Yes, Here Is a Complete Guide

Can GED students get scholarships? Yes, provided you follow these instructions.

One question among those unable or unwilling to finish high school the traditional way is “Can GED students get scholarships?” What leads one to ask that question isn’t necessarily a belief that it isn’t possible, just a genuine curiosity over how it works in such a nontraditional manner.

The good news (and short answer to the question) is yes, you absolutely can get scholarships if you’re a GED student. In the following article, we’ll be exploring the options that you have at your disposal and how to set yourself up for success. Let’s begin!

Search for GED Scholarships by State

The first step you should take when trying to locate scholarship opportunities in your state is to search what’s out there by state. To do this, you’ll first want to check the state where you plan to attend college. If you plan on staying in your home state, you’ll probably be familiar with a number of opportunities already by sheer osmosis, and proximity to your high school guidance counselor.

You also may want to specifically look for scholarships with search terms like “Second Effort Scholarship.” This is specifically designed to help students going through work towards their GED. The great thing about an incentive program like the one in Arkansas, for example, is that you don’t even have to apply for it. It’s automatically awarded to those in the top 10 scores throughout the state. Search “Second Effort Scholarship” and the state of your choosing for specifics and availability.

Otherwise, successful completion of your GED will put you in the running for many of the same scholarships as traditional graduates. After all, a GED is considered “high school equivalency.”

See What Your School of Choice Offers

We’ve searched by state. Now take that logic and drill down further to the schools of your choosing. If you would like to go to college, get with their financial aid office and specifically ask about awards for GED students. While you’re at it, inquire as to whether there are any restrictions on the GED for specific forms of financial aid. Normally, and good for you, is that the answer is no.

Apply for Financial Assistance Through Your School

Not all forms of financial assistance take the shape of scholarships. If you come from a family of financial need, you could also qualify for a Federal Pell Grant, which is a sum of money that goes toward your school that does not have to be repaid. This, again, is based on financial need. Inquire about Pell Grants through the financial aid office of your school or by filling out the FAFSA application for student aid.

Seek Private Scholarships and Grants

It’s difficult finding a one-stop shop for scholarships and grants that you may qualify for because many of the aggregator websites that attempt to compile these opportunities miss a number of scholarships and grants that are available locally or in specific fields of interest.

To find everything out there, you’ll need to get in touch with your inner SEO expert. Think of all the different ways you might search for financial opportunities for choir, theater, sports, community engagement, or specific hobbies. You never know what diamonds are hiding in the rough!

How to Give Yourself the Best Opportunity

Now that we’ve examined the opportunities that GED students have waiting on them, let’s discuss how to best give yourself the opportunity to land one. In every case, it starts with the test itself. Let’s continue!

1. Prepare for the Test

There is little point in tackling the question of can GED students get scholarships if you haven’t actually passed the GED test. So, before you get too caught up in the logistics of paying for everything, make sure you’ve done enough preparation work to clear that hurdle.

That means starting your studies far enough in advance that you can cover all the materials and understand key concepts without having to cram. It means not overworking yourself or hitting burnout. It means getting familiar with how the test is formatted and what the class-day expectations will be.

2. Be in the Right Frame of Mind on Test Day

To pass the test, you’ll need to get all your anxiety under control. Take plenty of practice exams before moving forward, including this free one that we offer here at 4Tests.com. It’s all about getting in the right frame of mind so that on test day you can give your very best performance. No excuses, no regrets.

3. Expedite to the Schools of Your Choice

Make sure you have thought about what happens after the test. Which schools will you wish to attend? Stay ahead of the application deadlines to ensure they have your proof-of-achievement in time along with any other documents they may require (i.e., application essay, high school transcript, etc.).

4. Get Involved in Your Community

Another great way to find out about private scholarships and grants for students taking the GED is to flex your community service muscles. Community service is a term that’s too-often associated with punishment for misdemeanor offenses. The reality is that everyone should take part in community service if they hope to take advantage of opportunities and grow their professional network. Students taking the GED are no exception to this.

5. Follow Your Passions and Interests

Sometimes “your community” means people and places and organizations that share or represent your passions and interests. For these, you may have to look outside of your local community at the state or even national level to see which organizations are offering financial assistance for students aspiring to go to college or continue their education after high school. You’ll be eligible for any of the same awards as your fellow high school graduates, so don’t let getting a GED hold you back!

Learning How ‘Can GED Students Get Scholarships’ Will Prove Nothing Can Hold You Back

We hope this article has adequately answered the question “can GED students get scholarships?” We also hope that you will put some of the tips we’ve presented here to good use in your journey.

Best of luck as you seek to improve your knowledge and marketability. And if you have any questions related to the GED or any other exam that we can help answer, please feel free to share those in the comments section below.

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