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17 Social Media Resolutions For The Career-Minded Student

Social Media Resolutions For Students

The use of social media has risen to, some would say, epidemic proportions. It has taken over our lives, enabled us to make bad decisions, and become a liability in the job search. While this may not be true for you personally, you have to admit there are many people, even in your own friends […]
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28 Achieving Success Quotes For 2017

Achieving Success Quotes

Achieving success, regardless of your field, is never an easy road. If it was, poverty rates would not be so high; there would be world peace; and more people would be rich and/or happy. It is often a road fraught with proverbial land mines. You have to fail, sometimes often, in order to succeed, and […]
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12 Ways to Make College Cheap

There is much talk today of how to make college cheap. Unfortunately, you cannot get much cheaper than talk, and so far, that’s all there has been remitted toward the problem. Politicians have differing ideas. The President-elect wants to send education back to the states while his opponents believe it should be mostly federalized. Each […]
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CustomizedGirl Scholarship: Is This the Future of Funding Your College?

CustomizedGirl Scholarship Twitter

CustomizedGirl has offered a scholarship to aspiring college students for going on four years. With 2016, the company has opened up its unique submissions process to everyone — guys and girls — and they’ve also cut the one top prize of $2,500 to five equal prizes of $500 (for tax purposes). While many of your […]
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9 Types Of College Loans You Need To Know

College loans are often talked about as if they are some type of boogeyman in the world of education. Students fear getting out of school because they know they’ll have to start repaying them. If worse goes to worst and you have to declare bankruptcy, they are among the few financial debts you cannot discharge. […]
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6 Ways To Find Meaning At School

Find Meaning At School

Going to school probably isn’t at the top of your list of favorite pastimes. Maybe it is, but if you’re like the vast majority of students in the world of education — college and high school, public and private — you’d probably rather be home sleeping or watching Netflix or doing virtually anything else other […]
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15 Career Readiness Questions Every Student Should Ask

Career readiness is a concept that every student should be planning for, whether they are in the latter stages of high school or the beginning of college. The world of today is a competitive one, and you cannot afford to wait before exploring your interests and passions and seeing how those explorations translate into a […]
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Student-Saving Tips: What to do in a Laptop Emergency

As a busy college student you know your laptop is your storage device for practically every project you turn in and if anything goes wrong with it, you might be doomed. There are many to go about handling a laptop emergency. These strategies include backing up your hard drive, knowing your resources ahead of time, […]
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For Profit Colleges Bad For Students? [Study]

If you are enrolled in for profit colleges and pursuing your certificate, associate or bachelor’s degrees, then you will probably see a decline in earnings and higher debt five to six years after leaving, compared to your earnings before enrollment. This comes by way of a study released Monday (May 30) that combines data from the U.S. Department of Education and the Internal […]
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Are C Students Really More Successful?

A recent article on Daily Entertainment has been making the rounds via social media positing the theory that C students are more successful in life than any other type of student. To “prove” the point the author provides 10 reasons why this is the case. At the surface level, he or she (name not given) […]
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