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99 Random Tips To Improve ACT Scores

To improve ACT scores, you cannot expect to simply sit down and take the test numerous times without learning anything specific from each attempt. While giving yourself as many opportunities as possible is part of it, there are other things you can, and should, be doing to find success. To aide you in this goal, […]
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19 Skills to Future Proof Your Career And Avoid Becoming Obsolete

Future Proof Your Skills: This Is How To Do It

To future proof one’s career, man has been fighting back since the Industrial Revolution. From the moment machines were able to take over tasks normally reserved for ordinary elbow grease, workers have been concerned over their futures. This was exacerbated as technology developed at a rapid pace in the 20th Century. Even top business people […]
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The 5 Essential Wellness Tips For Sedentary People

Wellness tips are the order of the day, folks, because the act of studying can be a sedentary one. There is a lot of intense focus and sitting around that is bad enough for the human body in just 24 hours. Stretch that out over the course of a semester or school year, and you’ve got […]
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How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Impostor Syndrome is a term that describes high-achieving individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a fraud. That’s at least the definition that pops up whenever you Google it. But let’s go beyond the definition for a bit and break down what it […]
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14 Screen Time Management Tips For Students Addicted To Their Phones

Screen time is becoming an increasingly difficult problem for students and professionals alike. The phones and tablets of today carry with them so many informational and entertainment options and such attractive builds, designs, and resolutions that it’s easy to get hooked. But when you have a full-time class load, professional certification exams, and the daily […]
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15 Research Studies From The Last Year Every Student Should Know

Research Studies Students Should Know

One of the great gifts that grows from higher education is the ability to do meaningful, world-changing research. It is not unrealistic to think that what is being done across college and university campuses today will resonate for decades — and perhaps even centuries — to come. We are on the verge of being able […]
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14 MLK Quotes to Change the Way You Think About Education

MLK Quotes: Top 14

Martin Luther King, Jr., would have been 88 years old on Jan. 15, 2017, had he lived to see it. Unfortunately, an assassin’s bullet prevented that on April 4, 1968, just a few months after his 39th birthday. But the legacy of Dr. King lives on through his legendary “I Have a Dream” speech and […]
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17 Social Media Resolutions For The Career-Minded Student

Social Media Resolutions For Students

The use of social media has risen to, some would say, epidemic proportions. It has taken over our lives, enabled us to make bad decisions, and become a liability in the job search. While this may not be true for you personally, you have to admit there are many people, even in your own friends […]
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28 Achieving Success Quotes For 2017

Achieving Success Quotes

Achieving success, regardless of your field, is never an easy road. If it was, poverty rates would not be so high; there would be world peace; and more people would be rich and/or happy. It is often a road fraught with proverbial land mines. You have to fail, sometimes often, in order to succeed, and […]
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35 Ways To Make A Difference, Student Edition

Ways To Make A Difference For Students

Students are always look for ways to make a difference as they progress through their educational journeys. That’s what they should be doing. Many, however, wait too long to start thinking about how to turn ideals into reality, and that can place them behind their classmates as a result. We’ve all been there. That’s how […]
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