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You Have No ‘Right’ To A College Education

You have no right to a college education. That’s the take of young conservative blogger Matt Walsh, who frequently contributes to The Blaze. He proudly wears on his sleeve the fact that he never attended college, and that it is a bad idea for anyone without purpose. Recently, he was assailed by a detractor on […]
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Community College Students Not Likely To Earn Four-Year Degrees


Community college students are less likely to earn four-year degrees, according to a new study from the Century Foundation. The alarming find showed that 81.4 percent of students entering a community college planned to achieve a four-year degree, but only 11.6 percent actually followed through. Brian C. Mitchell, CEO of the Edvance Foundation, blamed it […]
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Left Behind? 4 Questions To Ask When School Is Failing You

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A recent duo of articles in the Washington Post detailed the issues of John Lazor, a former special education student, who had difficulties staying awake in class. John was interested in the TV show Monster Garage and wanted to learn more about welding. However, the course that would have helped — an automobile repair course […]
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