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9 Ways to Be More Creative

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Finding ways to be more creative can be tough when your creative tank is running on empty. It helps to turn to friends, books, social media, or websites like this one to latch onto more ideas. But you can’t just keep looking at tips. You have to put them into action as well. And we believe these nine ways give you the opportunity to do just that with minimal effort.

1. Walk the Campus

A nice, long walk can get you away from the blue light of your screens and cause you to see things in a different way. Allow yourself to walk your campus. Notice the cracks in the pavement, the differences in the buildings, the special landmarks.

This time gives your brain a chance to roam. As it roams, it’s more capable of coming back to problems that require creative solutions.

2. Learn a Subject You Do Not Have To

Ever notice how time tends to fly when you’re doing things that you’re used to doing? Oh, sure, it may seem like it drags along in the moment. However, it’s not uncommon to look up three, four, even five months later, and wonder where it all went.

That’s because you’re not doing enough to shake things up along the way. The human brain needs to be tasked and challenged to stay agile. Learning more about a subject that’s outside your abilities or passions opens time up a bit.

Your brain has to make more imaginary “markers” to understand what it’s dealing with. That added workout does more than give the appearance of slowing down time. It also enables you to approach new material from a creative mindset.

3. Read Outside of Your Typical Interests

This is a bit of a companion piece to No. 2. Think about the types of materials that you would ordinarily read. Are you more of a fiction person? Then pick up some non-fiction or how-to instruction manuals.

More of a “doer”? Take a step back and get lost in the worlds of Stephen King or John Grisham. The more that you upset the status quo of how your brain works, the easier it is to think outside the box and create more effective solutions or approaches to a problem.

4. Spend Time Around Children

One of the great things about being a child is that you have more imagination than you ever will at any other point in your life. That’s because you learn more and apply more restraints from that logic as you get older.

Children don’t have the “real world” to hold them back. That allows their imaginations to go crazy. While you may not ever be able to go back to that point, you can hop aboard for the ride by talking to a child.

Seeing the way their brains work gives you some insight into how you can be more creative with problems that require those types of solutions. If you have a brother or sister or access to a small child, spend time talking to them about what they like to do with their time. It will help!

5. Go to Church

No, we’re not telling you to get religion. We’re just telling you to spend time around one at a church where you can study and observe the belief systems of others.

You don’t have to endorse any of the views you see. You don’t even have to be overly outgoing or kind to those that you meet. You certainly can, but this is more for thought experimentation than anything else.

Going to church or studying a religion connects you to all different kinds of mythology. It also teaches you something about the human experience. How people use religion in their lives, in other words.

Take that walk to see what you can understand about how creativity functions in their lives and the systems they embrace. You may just find some value that you can port over into your studies.

6. Change the Orientation

Deconstruct problems and their solutions by asking, “what if?” Simply changing the orientation of a problem like this is a great way to get the creative juices flowing!

That’s because it forces you to think of potentially other solutions to a problem or factors that might have influenced a different outcome. As you deconstruct, your brain is also inventing other potential solutions. That gives you a chance to work those creative muscles, making them stronger for whatever other challenges might come.

7. Get More Rest

Getting the appropriate amount of sleep is also important for your creative process. It gives your body and mind a chance to heal and grow and synthesize the events of the day. You’re able to wake up better prepared for coursework, project work, tests, and any other activities that require a creative approach.  

8. Spa Treatment

For some, a simple shower may suffice. Others might want to take a step that’s a little more dramatic. This basically ties into No. 7 because it adds to the quality of your rest.

Go out and do whatever it is makes your mind relaxed and your body at ease. That could mean a mani-pedi, a haircut-and-shave, or any other way that makes sense to pamper yourself. You won’t regret it!

9. Experience Life

Last but not least, you’ve got to live your life. You’ll struggle to be creative at all if you don’t have experiences to draw from. That means dating, going to the movies or out to eat with friends. It means a quiet night in with that special someone or heading to a concert or special event.

Enjoying life not only gives you stories to tell. But it also helps you reposition how you approach things when you’re stuck. It’s darn fun, too!

These Ways to Be More Creative Will Prepare You for School and Life

We hope this look at the various ways to be more creative will put you into a better headspace as you tackle the rest of your semester and begin anew. Now it’s your turn, readers. What are some things that have helped bring out a more creative side to you? Share your best tips in the comments section below!

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