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CustomizedGirl Scholarship: Is This the Future of Funding Your College?

CustomizedGirl Scholarship Twitter

CustomizedGirl has offered a scholarship to aspiring college students for going on four years. With 2016, the company has opened up its unique submissions process to everyone — guys and girls — and they’ve also cut the one top prize of $2,500 to five equal prizes of $500 (for tax purposes). While many of your […]
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55 Student Jobs To Help Pay For College

Student jobs may seem like they are few and far between. After all, most people tell you they need experience before they are willing to hire, but how do you get the experience if no one is willing to hire? You can see how this might create a vicious cycle of frustration. Fortunately, we live […]
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9 Types Of College Loans You Need To Know

College loans are often talked about as if they are some type of boogeyman in the world of education. Students fear getting out of school because they know they’ll have to start repaying them. If worse goes to worst and you have to declare bankruptcy, they are among the few financial debts you cannot discharge. […]
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6 Ways To Find Meaning At School

Find Meaning At School

Going to school probably isn’t at the top of your list of favorite pastimes. Maybe it is, but if you’re like the vast majority of students in the world of education — college and high school, public and private — you’d probably rather be home sleeping or watching Netflix or doing virtually anything else other […]
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18 Scholarship Opportunities You May Have Missed

Scholarship opportunities are essential to helping one defray the rising costs of college. Let’s face it. They’re not going down any time soon, and financial aid will only take you so far. The good news: there are many more scholarship opportunities out there than you probably realize. For the next few moments, we’re going to […]
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18 Controversial Books That Make Parents Cringe

Controversial books challenge the mind and the societies they critique. They are not the types of literature with which you always agree, but they do provoke conversation and challenge understandings of the world around you. Not every controversial book on the list of 18 below should be taught in a classroom. Some suffer from serious […]
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73 Of Our Favorite Pinterest Study Hacks

The Internet and, in particular, social media has created a wealth of knowledge and actionable data. One of our favorite networks is that of Pinterest because it’s visual and it’s easy to see at a glance what others are doing through the photos and infographics that they share. Virtually every subject there is has a […]
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13 Reasons College Students Don’t Know How to Study

How to Study: College Students Don't Have It

A recent report from the Washington Post highlighted the disturbing find that many students, even at the collegiate level, don’t know how to study. As the Post‘s Valerie Strauss points out in the piece, the reason many students drop out of college is “easily and inexpensively fixable before the students walk onto campus” because it […]
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8 Reasons to Quit Social Media At Once, and 7 Reasons You Probably Shouldn’t

Quit Social Media Now?

Deep Work author Cal Newport recently gave a TEDx talk in which he posed the tantalizing prospect of a world without social media. In particular, Newport postulated that you should quit social media altogether. While that idea may have seemed radical five years ago, it isn’t as much today since users have had time to […]
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15 Career Readiness Questions Every Student Should Ask

Career readiness is a concept that every student should be planning for, whether they are in the latter stages of high school or the beginning of college. The world of today is a competitive one, and you cannot afford to wait before exploring your interests and passions and seeing how those explorations translate into a […]
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