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Value of College: How to Get the Most Out of It

Much has been made about the value of college. Is it still the must-have career resource it once was? Concerned students facing years of student loan debt and no guarantee of gainful employment wonder what it is they should be doing next. Trade school? Work immediately after high school? Increased financial literacy and lifestyle design? […]
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15 Tips to Choose a College Major You Won’t Have to Change

When you choose a college major, you are making a commitment that can make or break the rest of your college career and send reverberations throughout your adult life. What kind of reverberations those turn out to be depend entirely on the success of your decision-making. The call that you make will implement a chain […]
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Money Moves for College Students: 10 Steps to Take Right Now

With little guidance, most money moves for college students end up being the wrong ones. It’s easy to see why. There are no mandated financial literacy courses in high school. When you arrive at college, you’re inundated with a sea of credit card applications promising low initial APRs and guaranteed approval. The promise of buy […]
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10 Ways to Socialize During Quarantine That’ll Keep Your Spirits Up

Finding ways to socialize when you’re stuck in quarantine can be more challenging than you think. But the human mind is a remarkable interest, and it’s geared toward problem-solving in ways that other species just don’t often emulate. In the following article, we hope to get the ball rolling by sharing our 10 best tips […]
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College Students Grieving: 10 Tips for Getting Through a Loss

Unfortunately, college students grieving is becoming a more reoccurring phenomenon in the age of the pandemic. Students always had to deal with losing loved ones while balancing their classes, but with around 250,000 dead from the virus (at this point), it’s something front-and-center on the minds of everyone. In the following article, we’re going to […]
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10 College Roadblocks Sure to Knock You Off Track

College roadblocks are plentiful. Unfortunately, you can’t be ready for all of them by the time you first arrive on campus. But it’s possible to learn quickly. And learn quickly you must if you hope to avoid the repercussions. In the following article, we’ll be giving you the top things you’re going to have to […]
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How to Choose a College That Meets Your Goals: 15 Factors

We really don’t spend enough time teaching how to choose a college in our secondary schools, which is clearly a shame when you consider what an important factor it is in the trajectory of the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, many students make the decision of where to go without considering whether they even want […]
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10 Ways Coronavirus Will Change College Forever

It may be too early for some to sound the alarm that Coronavirus will change college forever. However, there are some pretty smart people who are already seeing the writing on the wall. And, as one Forbes writer put it, that may not necessarily be a bad thing. In the following article, we’ll be looking […]
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10 Distance Learning Pro Tips for the Semester Ahead

Distance-learning is here to stay in the age of the pandemic. How you are able to navigate it will largely depend on attitude. That said, there are steps that you can take to make this process easier. In the following article, we will be looking at 10 in particular. This is not a “pick one” […]
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10 Quotes from Graduation Speeches to Inspire the Class of 2020

These Graduation Speeches Really Hit Home

We’ll be looking at 10 of our favorite quotes from this year’s graduation speeches that were given in a variety of different formats. We hope that you will draw some wisdom and inspiration from these. Despite the harsh times we’re living in, the formula for success is still largely the same. Let’s see what these keynote speakers have to say about it.