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10 Quotes from Graduation Speeches to Inspire the Class of 2020

These Graduation Speeches Really Hit Home

We’ll be looking at 10 of our favorite quotes from this year’s graduation speeches that were given in a variety of different formats. We hope that you will draw some wisdom and inspiration from these. Despite the harsh times we’re living in, the formula for success is still largely the same. Let’s see what these keynote speakers have to say about it.

10 Ways You Are Limiting Yourself

Working hard to accomplish your goals

Limiting yourself is something you have to actively fight against as you crash up against the shores of life. No matter what comes your way, things will not work out as you expect. When that occurs, one of two things can happen. You can either buy into the myth that there is no advancement beyond […]
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How to Know If You Should Put College on Hold

Put college on hold

A question that every high school junior or senior asks themselves at some point in their academic journey is whether to put college on hold. Students are different, and they do not always operate on the same time tables. Some know early on what they want to do after high school and some do not.

10 Things to Stop Doing When Failing a Class

Failing a class can be frustrating, especially when you’re in the process of doing it and feel the end result is inevitable. How are you supposed to get yourself out of this situation if you’re the one who put yourself in it? In the following article, we’re going to be dealing with the answers to […]
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11 Ways to Survive Teachers Who Humiliate Students

When teachers humiliate students, it can get ugly fast, causing students to shut down and fall behind their peers. While there are more protections in place at the high school level for this, college is a different story. The professor is still viewed in a godlike manner in many campus cultures, and the expectation to […]
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13 Success Strategies for Students

You should never run out of success strategies that you’re willing to turn to in times of great pressure, anxiety, or crisis. We know you have a lot to choose from out there, and that’s a good thing. We’re going to do our part to help you along by offering some of the best advice […]
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8 Great After the Job Interview Moves to Stand Out

We’ve discussed what to do to prepare for a job interview. But what often gets overlooked — by us and other places online — is what to do afterward. It is true that a good interview performance won’t necessarily translate into a job offer. That’s because employers tend to use a multi-layered approach in determining […]
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What Employers Are Looking for in a Job Interview

A job interview is your chance to shine. It may not be the only decider, but it can certainly make or break a lot of possibilities for employment. Therefore, you have to be on your A-game when you go in, whether it’s a one-on-one, panel, or remote interview. Your success depends on knowing what the […]
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How to Know It’s Time to Change Majors

The urge to change majors comes upon most college students at certain points in their educational journeys. It’s understandable. As the coursework becomes more rigorous, the passion you had that initially drove you down that path begins to dull. You can no longer make decisions based on your feelings. You have to roll up your […]
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Fixed Tuition Programs vs. Smart College Financing: Which Is Better?

Fixed tuition is not a new concept. However, it has quickly advanced across the country as a cost-control mechanism for loan-weary students. It certainly sounds good on the surface. This is especially true for students faced with exponential increases over the last two decades. Throw in the fact a low-level (undergraduate) degree won’t get you […]
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