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Note-Taking: 8 Tips For Doing It Right

Note-taking is one of the most important cross-disciplinary skills that you can master as a student, college or high school. Being able to take good notes leads to a better understanding of materials in a much shorter amount of time. But it’s also about more than writing down everything an instructor says verbatim. In fact, […]
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Handwriting Vs. Laptop: For Notes, It’s Best To Go Old School

For the last few years, some in the education community have asked the question as to whether or not it’s still necessary to teach cursive handwriting in school. The thinking is that you never have to use cursive after about the sixth grade, so what’s the point? Well, the debate over cursive will rage on, […]
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Don’t Be a Speller-Dweller: 6 Tips for Strengthening Your Written Communications

It may not seem like today, in a world of texting shorthand such as “u for you,” “ur for your,” and “WTF for,” well–you get the picture–that spelling doesn’t matter anymore. Yes if you believe that, then just try to write a novel using this lazy man’s English and watch the rejection letters roll in. […]
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The Inverted Pyramid Style of Studying

If you’ve ever had a journalism class, then you know what the inverted pyramid style is in theory. If you’ve ever read a news story, then you know what the inverted pyramid style is in practice. Think about the imagery. A pyramid by itself has a wide base with two sides that converge upward to […]
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Immediate Reinforcement Tips for Better Learning

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The time immediately after you’ve studied something is really the best time to actually learn it. Studying for tests, reading chapters, engaging in study groups and taking notes in class are all essential study methods, but how and when you do these things can make a huge difference in your success rate. That’s where immediate […]
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