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Getting Your Feet under You: Tips to Adjust to College Life Quickly

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 9.59.18 AMGoing off to college can be simultaneously frightening and exciting for new young adults who get to be off on their own for the first time. But it can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life and you will want to take full advantage of what a college environment has to offer. Here are some tips to get your feet under you quickly as you adjust.

Don’t Overdo It

While your newfound freedom is sure to be invigorating, be sure not to overdo it. Be responsible and practice temperance. Don’t go to every campus party the first week of school. Make sure you leave room for studying and actually getting to class in the morning. You can make friends, but be sure you have time for being an adult too.

Meet New People

It’s true that you will probably meet some of your lifelong friends in college. It’s also true that those lifelong friends are sometimes not the first people you get close to in college. When you first arrive, you’re thrown into a completely new environment and will naturally band together with some of the first people you meet in general classes or orientation. You will also meet people later who will probably be better matched to your personality, degree programs, and future career so always be open to making new friends and meeting new people.

Get Involved

Wherever your interests lie, there is likely something you can get involved in outside of classes. Whether it’s a cultural club, literary magazine, or athletic organization, you will meet other people more quickly and feel as though you belong to a group. What you choose to get involved in can be for fun or for a practical reason, like obtaining an internship while pursuing an online RN to BSN Florida nursing degree or being in the comic book club while getting an art degree. No matter what activities you’re involved in, you’ll be sure to make contacts and learn valuable skills.

Don’t Blow Off Classes

College is often a nice change from high school, where you can get in big trouble if you miss too many days or skip class. While some professors do grade on attendance and participation, many do not and the classroom atmosphere is definitely more laid back in college. This does not mean you can blow off every class or not take it seriously, though. You are a young adult and need to take responsibility for your education. It’s important to remember that every class you take is being paid for, so each one you miss is a class you’ve paid for that you don’t get the benefits from. Take your academics seriously. It’s the reason you’re in college.

College can be one of the best experiences of your life. Talk to current students and recent grads, guidance counselors, and do your own research to see how to best make use of your time in college. You’ll be sure to land on your feet.

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