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How to Stop Being Dumb: A Guide from Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde offers an excellent guide for how we can “stop being dumb” about ourselves and our full potential.

We all know at least one person who is convinced they are dumb. They might have an IQ of 160 but because they can’t remember their multiplication tables, they feel like a moron. It doesn’t matter if you’re a genius or not, we all have moments where we don’t feel so bright.

But what can we do to stop being dumb? In this article, we’ll take a look at some tips from the movie Legally Blonde that will help us connect with knowledge and learn more quickly!

1. Find a Role Model (or Become One)

Elle Woods becomes the role model in Legally Blonde but that doesn’t mean she gets there on her own. Early in the movie, we see Elle is very confident. However, she is also dismissed by others because of her pretty face.

When Elle is accepted to Harvard Law School, she is surprised but also determined to prove that she belongs there. During her time at law school, Elle finds her first role model in Professor Callahan.

Professor Callahan is a tough professor who expects a lot from his students. However, he also takes the time to get to know them and encourages them to reach their full potential.

Unfortunately, he gets to know them a little too well, a fact that Elle discovers when he tries to seduce her. (Never meet your heroes, kids.)

The deception almost derails her time at Harvard, but she meets others who believe in her along the way. As she starts to realize everything she’s accomplished, she sees their faith in her is not without merit. There’s Brooke, the client who trusts Elle enough to fire Callahan and replace him with Elle. Then, there’s Emmett, the eventual love interest who discloses the truth to Brooke about why Elle temporary leaves the school.

2. Believe in yourself

One of the biggest challenges that Elle faces is when she finds out that Callahan is sexually attracted to her. She thinks he has chosen her because of her smarts, and he does see her potential, but his efforts to seduce her send another message.

She is devastated by this and doesn’t know what to do. However, she is able to eventually overcome this challenge with the help of her friends and burgeoning belief in herself. We see her gradually start to believe in herself again and become determined to show everyone that she is capable of succeeding.

Elle also learns a lot about herself during her time at Harvard Law School. She realizes that she has a lot of strengths and can be successful in any field that she chooses. She also learns how to stand up for herself and fight for what she believes in. This allows her to eventually achieve her goal of becoming a lawyer.

Overall, we see Elle grow into a confident and successful woman. She learns to believe in herself and proves that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to.

3. Stay positive

Elle Woods is a positive person who has a lot of self-belief. However, when Professor Callahan tries to seduce her, she temporarily loses her way. This and the dismissiveness of her “ex,” Warner, knocks her off track. It’s only when Brooke and Emmett reinforce the positive within her that she’s able to reconnect with it and reach her full belief in Self.

This is a great reminder that we all need people in our lives who will help us stay positive. These people will be there to remind us of our potential and why we’re doing what we’re doing. They’ll also help us to see the silver lining in every cloud, even on our darkest days.

4. Be persistent

Elle practically writes the book on persistence throughout the film. She follows her ex-boyfriend to Harvard Law School, surprising everyone in the process with her intelligence. When she’s there, she consistently proves herself even though she’s up against some pretty big odds.

She also doesn’t give up when Professor Callahan harms her self-belief. She could have easily given up on her dream of becoming a lawyer, and nearly did, but instead, persisted to achieve her goal.

This is a great reminder that we should never give up on our dreams, no matter how difficult they may seem. We should always persist and push through the challenges because that’s how we achieve great things.

So, if you’re feeling dumb, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Just follow Elle Woods’ lead and before you know it, you’ll have the bad behind you and things will start falling into place.

5. Take care of your mind and body

Elle takes care of her mind and body in a few different ways throughout the film. First, she makes sure to stay positive and have faith in herself. This allows her to overcome any obstacle that she faces.

Second, she surrounds herself with people who support her and believe in her. This helps to keep her motivated and on track. Third, it’s clear from her beauty and figure that she takes a great deal of pride in how she presents herself, and this comes out in her accomplishments. The connection between mind and body is such a strong one that it’s tough to have one without the other.

This allows her to maintain her energy and focus throughout the film. It also helps her prove the innocence of her client. Last but not least, she uses humor as a way to cope with difficult situations. This helps her to stay positive and upbeat even when things are tough.

6. Connect with others who share your interests

Elle forges a bond with Brooke and Emmett throughout the film by connecting with them on a deep level. She understands their struggles and what they’re going through because she’s been in their position before.

This allows her to help them better and provides them with the support they need. She’s also able to connect with them through humor, which is a great way to build relationships. By being herself and opening up to them, she makes them feel more comfortable around her.

Ultimately, this connection helps her to win her case and become a successful lawyer. It also helps her find a relationship in Emmett that is more supportive than the one she had with Warner at the start of the film. (A relationship where she was dismissed and only valued for her looks.)

7. Embrace change

When we meet Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, she is a young woman who is trying to figure out her place in the world. She’s just been dumped by her boyfriend and doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life.

Elle has confidence in the way she looks and feels. But it’s not until she has the temporary setback of being dumped that she fully realizes there’s a brain underneath her beauty, and it’s perhaps that brain that makes her a better asset to the world around her.

Throughout the film, Elle grows into a confident and successful lawyer. She proves herself to be an intelligent and determined individual who isn’t afraid of a challenge.

Elle also learns how to better connect with others and embrace change. This allows her to form stronger relationships and ultimately win her case.

In the end, Elle has learned a great deal about herself and is ready to take on anything that comes her way. She’s become a more confident person who knows her worth and isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

8. Have fun!

Elle is a fun person in the beginning. She has her light dimmed to a degree when she’s betrayed by those she believes love her. This forces her to prove herself.

Once she gets into Harvard Law School, she discovers that she’s there on her own merit. This runs in opposition to Warner, the man who rejected her. He’s only there because of who his father is!

Gradually realizing that she’s not at Harvard as a fluke, Elle begins to let down her guard and allow people like Emmett to break through the self-consciousness caused by Warner’s rejection of her.

Through it all, she never quits being Elle. And that helps her create a newer and even better world outside of what she’s come to know. Knowing Elle is infectious because she is fun. By the end of the film, she’s able to put the two halves of her personality together. Everyone that connects with Elle is better because of it.

So, how does Elle “stop being dumb”?

  • She starts to see herself beyond what she’s known for. She challenges and surprises herself with what she’s capable of.
  • She tries new things.
  • She lets others in and learns to stop worrying about what others think about her.
  • She persists through setbacks.
  • She improves her personal and professional relationships.
  • She brings along the best parts of herself for the journey and relies on them when necessary.

Elle Woods is an excellent example of how to stop being dumb, not that she ever was. She goes through a lot of changes throughout the film, but in the end, she becomes a more confident and successful person.

By embracing change, having fun, and connecting with others, Elle is able to surmount any obstacle that comes her way. If you’re looking for ways to become “less dumb” yourself, look no further than this beloved character from Legally Blonde.

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