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Learning on the Go: Programs for a Versatile College Career

College students today are starting school earlier and choosing more alternative programs to complement their education. With a competitive job market and fluctuating economy it can be hard to find and secure a career, or even a job! Below introduces three excellent programs that will enrich students in both personal and academic areas and put them ahead of the curve.

college enrollmentCLEP Exams

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a selection of exams designed by the College Board. Their purpose is to allow students to earn college credits without taking classes through testing their in-depth knowledge and comprehension of the target subject. Almost 3,000 colleges across the U.S. accept CLEP credits. These exams are an excellent way to save time and money. For example, business exams cover marketing, management, and business law. Conversely, social sciences cover common topics, such as history, psychology, and American government. Students who successfully pass their target CLEP exam will graduate faster, experience less stress, and have more time for more important classes.

Studying Abroad

Becoming a foreign exchange student during high school or studying abroad while in college are both excellent ways to increase personal and academic competencies while exploring the world. Going abroad will expose students to an entirely different world view and way of life. The foreign education systems will help students gain experience with different teaching styles and education models. Being immersed in another culture will broaden horizons and even help you to learn a second language. Students who return home from studying abroad often report increased satisfaction at school, home, and even work. A year abroad in a foreign country will increase personal development and result in lifelong skills, friends, and experiences. A study abroad program also looks good on a school or work application and even resumes.

Cyber School

Cyber schools or charter schools are quickly becoming more popular as both parents and students realize the benefits of distance education and specialized learning courses. Online schooling offer excellent flexibility with online forums where students ask questions, respond to assignments, and interact with classmates. Of course, there are also set times for classroom discussions, as well as deadlines and comprehensive projects. Being an online learner will help students learn to become more independent, organized, responsible, and mature. You must independently study and read the required texts and will become more organized and better at managing time and priorities as you keep track of assignments on your own. Cyber charter schools in PA like Agora even make an effort to have the entire learning experience personalized to each student. This makes for a well-rounded and completely unique course schedule specific to the needs of the student.

College is an important experience that provides students with valuable skills and knowledge. Three programs that will enhance this academic experience include CLEP exams, studying abroad, and cyber schooling. Use any of them to boost your education and put you ahead of the crowd.

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