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Seven Cheap Beauty Tips to Ditch the Starving College Student Look

Maintaining a good beauty regimen during your busy college years can be very difficult. College is expensive, exhaustive, and time consuming, especially for those who are working a day job while attending class. While many people prefer spending hours in front of the mirror in order to get beautified, college students often don’t have the time, money, or even energy to do this. It is up you to find a way to work around this. Here are seven effective beauty tips you can use for cheap to get the job done and look more like yourself than a sleep-deprived student.

Two in One

Beauty Secrets

Use dual or combination products. Multipurpose beauty products are great for saving time and money. For instance, Vaseline is the perfect solution product because it can be used for chap stick, eye makeup removal, and skin moisturizer. There are some soaps that can be used for both hair and skin, and certain lipsticks can double as blush. Your conditioner can be used as shaving cream and mascara can be used as an eyebrow gel and darkener. There are many other products that can serve for dual purposes, it is just a matter of getting creative with what you have.

Streamlined Vanity

In order to have a fast and easy morning routine, have all of your products neatly organized. If the bathroom or your makeup bag is cluttered with products that you do not use, this takes up space and time. Get rid of old makeup products and empty bottles. Only keep the products that you actively use and try to stay consistent about where you place things. Knowing where everything is at all times can come in very handy.

Practice Makes Perfect

Create a daily routine and practice it regularly. Figure out exactly what you want to do in your makeup and how to most efficiently do it. You can get quick tips for stylish hairstyles for girls and women, doing your own manicures and more online and in magazines. If you tend to have rushed mornings, practice rubbing in your eyeshadow in a limited amount of time. It’s nice to be able to prepare quickly in the morning and if you have things ready and are used to the rush, you can get your routine done early.

Safe Skin Care

Buy an effective moisturizer with sunscreen. If you are the type of student who goes on frequent walks, then be mindful of how the sun could affect your skin. Having soft and smooth skin often serves as a good base for makeup application. Apply moisturizer on a daily basis in order to maintain smooth and healthy looking skin. One effective combination is moisturizer that contains SPF or sunscreen.

Keep Consistent

Maintain a good diet and exercise routine. College students often make the mistake of leading a lifestyle that neglects these things. Diet and exercise make people look healthy and feel healthy. While a regular workout schedule should keep your figure in shape, a healthy diet should help prevent skin blemishes and acne breakouts from occurring.

Clear and Clean

Keep up good hygiene as well. While it might sound like mom beauty tips or just common sense, showering and washing your face on a daily basis can do a lot to improve your physical appearance. Having cleanly personal hygienic habits is often the reason behind healthy skin and hair.


Don’t wear too much makeup. This is a simple solution to saving money for college students. The less product used, the more money saved. If you know your day is going to be spent in the library don’t bother with makeup, but if you have time to go out and shop that night, make time and room for a little more makeup.

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