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Does Nicole Helget Have a Point About Changes Needed in Schools, or Is She Just Whining?

Nicole Helget is a former educator at MnSCU and a current MPA candidate, and she has a lot of thoughts on the problem with education at the K-12 level. The “leadership crisis” begins and ends with “authoritarian” administrations and their over-reliance on “business-model reforms.” Helget blames them for being quick to scream “budget catastrophe” while […]
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Charter Schools, Time Off, And The Case For Year-Round School

Charter schools have been around for more than two decades now, locating in most of the 50 states throughout the US, and enrolling more than 2 million students, according to a recent article on NPR. (These schools have the flexibility and freedom to reach students with more innovative approaches, provided they hit certain results, which are typically […]
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