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Back to School: Super Efficient Ways to Decorate a Dorm Room

Decorating your dorm room can be exciting and challenging. Most likely, your main goals are to create a decor that is both attractive and functional. The following ideas can be used as a starting point for you to expand on as you create a room that reflects your personality, matches your study style, and accommodates your belongings.

Choosing a BedSelecting a bed

Space can seem tight in a dorm room. One way to compensate for the limited amount of floor space in the room is to choose a loft style bed rather than a traditional one. When you opt for a loft bed, you can use the space below the bed as a study area, sitting area, storage space, or closet space.


Storage ottomans are ideal for a dorm room. In addition to providing extra storage space, they can be used as seating, or as a bedside table. They can even be stacked against a wall until you need them as seating when friends visit. They are the prefect versatile furniture for any college student.

Storage Ideas

Stackable bins, boxes, and baskets can provide a nice amount of storage space in a dorm. Since these items are available in an extensive variety of colors, you can use them as a decorative way to add pops of color to your theme. Rolling carts are a colorful, functional storage option that will also fit nicely into a dorm room. Creatively utilize all of the space in your room by storing things under the bed, using over the door storage racks, and using as much of the vertical space in the room as you possibly can.

Room Divider

To create a more private area in a shared dorm room, you might want to add a privacy screen to the room. You could add hooks to the screen to gain some organizational space for your wardrobe accessories as well. Using a bookcase as a divider would also be a functional way to define separate areas of the room. Find long dressers with lots of drawers for a great way to divide and share storage. A home furniture store like Modern Home 2 Go is a good place to find a variety of dresser designs to select from.

Once you’ve brought in efficient pieces of furniture, you may want to personalize the room. Wall words and wall stickers in a design that reflects your personality can be a wonderful addition to your dorm decor. You might also want to add photos and special items from home to your room. A decorative memo board can be a great way to hang mementos of your life in school. This school year is sure to be a good one when you can organize your room to perfection.

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