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10 Digital Decluttering Benefits

The push for digital decluttering has gained momentum across every technologically active generation. While our devices are still very much capable of sending us off down rabbit holes of information and entertainment, the harmful effects of too much tech is starting to become widely known.

That’s why you see more and more people recommending less screen time as well as the average user taking a “tech break” for 24-48 hours at a time. Yes, there’s a lot of cool stuff online, but real life is lived “out there” in the real world.

If you haven’t ever done digital decluttering, you need to consider the benefits. In the following article, we’ll be talking about the 10 main ones. Let’s begin!

1. More time to engage the senses

There are five senses. By now, you probably know what they are. But for the purposes of this article, we’ll go ahead and name them: touch, taste, sight, smell, and sound.

Getting wrapped up in your technology may allow you to enjoy sight, sound, and, to a degree, touch. But it has yet to find a way to bring in the other two. And the three that it does employ are very limited in scope.

By setting aside your tech and getting decluttered, you make time to step out into the real world and enjoy the physical environment. Go for a walk. Talk with a friend. Cook a meal from scratch. Learn through experiences.

2. Taking more interest in the people you love

Spending less time with the virtual world will give you a chance to assess the people in your life. If you’re spending more of that time with the ones you love, then it becomes easier to stay off your technology.

Of course, this assumes that neither of you have a tech addiction. So when you do insert yourself into the physical world, make sure it’s with people who have the same understanding. That understanding is that you both are committed to quality time with each other, not time at the same table texting people miles away.

3. Learning important skill sets

Your phones and social networks and favorite websites can “teach” you a lot. But you’ll never truly learn something until you apply it, and that means getting off your phone and doing something yourself.

One example of the difference: the heating element goes out on your dryer. You find a YouTube video and watch someone making the repair that you’re going to have to make (eventually). While you may understand some of the process by watching the video, you’ll never truly “get it” until you go through the steps yourself.

That requires bringing your attention away from the virtual world and into the physical. Technology is a great tool for getting us there, but the true “learning” part comes by doing. When you decide to do a little digital decluttering, you have the opportunity to truly learn and not just gain knowledge.

4. More reading time

Many of us lament the fact that we own more books or want to read more books than we’ll ever have the time to actually read in this lifetime. That means we’re going to die one day with a list of books we wished we could have read.

How tragic! While you may not be able to stop that tragedy, you can certainly make it less of a struggle to deal with when you start reading more of those books and clearing them off the shelf.

Reading makes you a better communicator. It hones your writing skills. It entertains, informs. Less technology gives you more of all of that. And yes, you can read books on a tablet as well, but there’s something about the paper and the heft of a book in the hand that’s hard to beat. Don’t give that up for mindless social media scrolling.

5. Develop better critical thinking skills

Spending too much time on your technology has a tendency to dull the brain and cause it to get caught in a vortex of information, information, information. You’ve got to step away from knowledge at some point and move into the concepts and applications. That requires critical thinking skills. And it’s hard putting those to work when your brain is never coming up for air.

6. Stay in shape

Make time for some digital decluttering, and you’ll soon be taking better care of yourself. While you may need some technology to gauge the effectiveness of your workouts, make sure whatever you use when exercising runs in the background.

All you really need is 30 minutes to an hour of good solid exercise time each day. You can set aside your digital lifestyle for that long to take care of your body. And what you’ll find is this: the more you take care of your body, the less reliance you’ll have on technology. That’s because your body and mind will start waking up to the great things going on in your physical world. Or it’ll at least make it easier for you to make great things happen!

7. Reconnect with or discover new passions

If you’ve ever wanted to write a book, learn an instrument, complete a marathon, or finish your education, then digital decluttering is a great place to start. It frees time and distractions, giving you the opportunity to sink your teeth into whatever has been eluding you.

8. Become more interesting to other people

Naturally, if you’re staring at your phone less … if you’re throwing yourself more into passions … if you’re living more in the moment … then you’re going to become a more interesting person to others. Not only that, the “others” who find you interesting will be more interesting than the tech-addicted crowd with whom you’re cavorting. Win-win!

9. Improve your vision

Excessive (and obsessive) screen time damages eyesight over time. If you want to see better and give your eyes a chance to recover, then start cutting down on some of your digital activities, plain and simple.

10. Grow in marketability

If you’ve taken advantage of the nine other benefits we’ve already listed, then you’ll notice something wonderful happens. You become more marketable as a person, both personally and professionally.

You become more socially interesting and more attractive to your preferred sex. You also stand out from other job applicants to potential employers.

Digital Decluttering Is Your Key to 21st Century Happiness

With digital decluttering, you have the chance to reclaim your life and start calling the shots over the Facebooks, Apples, and Amazons of the world. You don’t have to be owned by any device, any company, or any institution. It’s time to take control!

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