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10 Ways A Students Think Differently Than Everyone Else

‘A’ Students are cut from a different cloth. While you may be able to point to some on this list and state, “But I know Fred’s an ‘A’ Student and this doesn’t sound like him at all!,” it’s a list we’ll nevertheless stand behind. Why? Because anyone can have a good year or two; it takes the qualities presented here to do it year after year. With that out of the way, here are the 10 ways that A Students think differently.

1. A Students Are Naturally Competitive

Not every ‘A’ Student will be a competitive athlete, but when it comes to their academic challenges, they’ll sure behave like one. They derive peace and satisfaction from their performance, and if something is “off” they’ll work hard to fix it. That’s because…

2. A Students Fail Upward

‘A’ Students aren’t perfect. They do make mistakes and get test questions wrong. The difference is that they remember their failures and take steps to correct them.

It is not uncommon for ‘A’ Students to let the losses hang with them, however, even after the corrections have been made. Even so, it’s a quality that usually serves them well later in business and relationships. And that would only be possible because…

3. A Students Prepare 

There may be occasions where responsibilities are too much to study for a test that they already know they’ll do well on in their heads, but more often than not, ‘A’ Students will take the time to prepare for tests and quizzes and homework that offer challenges.

This is a skill that carries over to college application essays, scholarship essays, and whatever degree plan they outline for themselves after high school. They are driven people, and they know how to self-motivate. To pull this off…

4. A Students Know Where to Find or Create Passion on Any Topic

Some things come naturally to ‘A’ Students, and like their classmates, they tend to be passionate about those subjects. But they are also able to “fake it till they make it,” so to speak. This is where study skills really come in handy because by digging into their approach, these students are able to manufacture the passion it takes to master any topic. This is where discipline comes in handy, and in order to have it…

5. A Students Know There’s a Time and Place

‘A’ Students do not have to sacrifice their lives, free time, and happiness, in order to achieve mastery over a class or topic. They are simply better at understanding impulse control and realizing that there is a time and a place to have fun, act foolish, be entertained, and study. They may occasionally put something off, but that’s the exception to the rule.

Most of the time, they will make time for important responsibilities, even if they do have to end up sacrificing a night out with their friends to pull it off. And that’s because…

6. A Students Appreciate Balance

Balance keeps an ‘A’ Student from feeling too overwhelmed by the growing responsibilities that life throws their way. They are able to find time to study, to exercise, to work, and to plan ahead. This helps them to achieve balance, and it is balance that keeps them in control of their emotions and attitudes. And while it may be true that they don’t get to control the life circumstances they experience, they’re able to handle anything. Furthermore…

7. A Students Are Well-Rounded

Yes, straight-A Students will have some things they enjoy more than others. Some activities they’d rather be doing than others. But at the end of the day, they don’t like being bored. That means pursuing an array of interests to keep life exciting. An ‘A’ Student will typically find no greater joy than in two things: 1) spending time with their “thing”; and 2) connecting with new passions.

They also “get it” that being well-rounded opens more doors professionally, and because of this…

8. A Students Will Do Everything Their Peers Will Not

When they realize what it takes to be successful, ‘A’ Students will put in the extra effort to get there. They will study instead of watching television, work on homework instead of talking should there be five free minutes at the end of class, etc.

They are not generally swayed by peer pressures, though it can happen from time to time. Still, ‘A’ Students will usually weigh the repercussions before doing something too over-the-top and if it jeopardizes their standing in a class or in life, they will opt out. That’s because…

9. A Students Know How the Game Is Played

‘A’ Students are not “lame-o-vision”; they just possess a better understanding of how the world operates. They know to achieve their objectives in life, there will be times when they have to face less-than-desirable circumstances.

You’ve heard it said that sometimes you “have to do what you don’t want to do before you can do what you do want to do”? ‘A’ Students have heard this loud and clear, and they’re able to demonstrate the discipline it takes to find success against the odds. Finally…

10. A Students Are Forward Thinkers

‘A’ Students think further ahead than how they’re going to spend their weekend. They don’t get hung up on fleeting and empty passions. While there may be temptations that occasionally win out, they’re always able to refocus and overcome obstacles because they want to go to Stanford or earn a Ph.D or start a million-dollar business.

They realize that the adage high school makes up “the best years of your life” is a crock. They don’t want to live a life where everything is downhill after the 12th grade, and so they set themselves up to succeed.

In Summary

So do you have some, all, or none of these qualities? It’s possible to be an ‘A’ Student without checking every box, but you should be batting better than .500. If you’re not there yet, get busy!

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