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5 GED Writing Tips To Help You Succeed

One of the most challenging parts of the GED to prepare for is the writing portion. When you’re forced to put together your thoughts into a coherent, cohesive whole, free from mistakes and lapses in logic, it can be difficult, especially on a time crunch! There is no knowledge base or word bank that you […]
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GED Social Studies: What Should You Study To Prepare?

GED Social Studies: On January 1, a new version of the GED test was unveiled, and one of the many portions in which students have to prove proficiency is social studies. But what exactly does that mean? What deserves your attention, and what do you not have to worry about? According to testing materials publisher […]
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GED Reading Tips: Interpret Texts Effectively

Do you have trouble when asked to interpret texts? If so, you’re not alone. But like any skill, it is something that can be developed and honed with practice, and if you’re wanting to perform well on the GED (or any test for that matter), you’ll need plenty of it. Nothing you can do will […]
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GED Tips: How To Improve Reading Comprehension

The current GED test sets high expectations for reading comprehension, not just on the Reasoning Through Language Arts portion, but also on Science, Social Studies, and even Math. If you don’t like reading, that’s fine. No one is going to force you to read X amount of novels per year. However, you do need to […]
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Winter Breaks: How You Can Use Them To Your Advantage

Winter breaks: The first days back can be a trying time. Trudging across campus or waiting for the doors to open in the morning while the temperatures are at their lowest. Getting in to a fresh groove only to have a week of school canceled due to winter storms. These are definitely not a few […]
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Could New Science Testing Be On The Way?

The American education system could be up for an abrupt overhaul of how it teaches and incorporates science testing into curriculum. While the proposed changes may be a very long way off, they are probable given the ongoing comparisons to the world-at-large and the agreed-upon need for the US to get ahead and stop trailing […]
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Critical Thinking Essentials: Identifying Problems Without A Guide

A recent discussion on Quora asked the question, “What must every educated person know?” If ever there was an interrogatory that could get the debate flowing, that’s it! And the resulting discussions certainly didn’t disappoint. While whole books could be written on the subject — and many have been — we’d like to focus on […]
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GED 2014 Primer: Understanding The Exam’s New Logic

ged 2014

With the GED test changing “drastically” as of January 2, 2014, many students are feeling the pressure. The new exam is designed to operate as both a high school equivalency benchmark and as a springboard into furthering one’s education so that it will become easier to earn a livable wage. Instead of being broken in […]
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8 Best Literary Horror Books

horrorlibrary literary horror books

Here we are on Halloween night! If you’re still tuned in to Facebook or G+, then you’re probably seeing this as you come home from trick-or-treating. If so, great! That means you don’t have to let the rest of the night slip away without adding some terrific tales of terror to your required reading list. […]
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9 Great Teacher Qualities As Told By Students

great teacher qualities

Great teacher qualities often depend on the age, the stature, and the profession of the person you’re asking. One thing on which most people agree, however, is this: the education system would be nothing without quality teachers and any deficit as far as that is concerned means that students will fall behind in a hurry. […]
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