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What These Harvard Business School Interview Questions Can Teach You About Planning Your Future

Harvard Business School puts its candidates through a rigorous interview process. That’s part of the reason it has maintained one of the best reputations in the world for business education. But you don’t have to be going for a MBA to derive value from that rigorous process. In a recent article for Business Insider, contributor […]
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Graduate Grade: How to Handle Unemployment after Getting Your Diploma

Although unemployment rates have been decreasing, joblessness is still a very real and unpleasant reality many Americans face today. With the current job market being so tough, there are a great number of high school and college graduates facing unemployment. In fact, for the first time ever the majority of unemployed Americans today are degree holders. […]
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Learning on the Go: Programs for a Versatile College Career

College students today are starting school earlier and choosing more alternative programs to complement their education. With a competitive job market and fluctuating economy it can be hard to find and secure a career, or even a job! Below introduces three excellent programs that will enrich students in both personal and academic areas and put […]
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Moving Forward After Your History Degree and Where to go in Graduate Studies

A history degree opens up the door to many possible graduate programs, whether you’ve considered moving on or not. History majors can go on to pursue graduate study in several fields. The skills learned in a history program are prized by graduate, law, and medical schools. A liberal arts degree in history opens you up […]
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