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Enhancing Extracirriculars: Five College Classes Worth the Effort

electivesAs you attend college, you’re given a wealth of options to choose from for your class electives. There are a few courses that can help to define your college experience, while preparing you for working in the world. There are also certain courses you’ll have to take as part of your degree program and to meet the basic core requirements. However, when you have a choice in choosing your classes, there are a few key courses you should think about adding to your curriculum.

Accounting or Finance

It’s one of the subjects that so few college students leave with anything beyond a passing knowledge. No matter what your degree program, a basic course in finance or accounting can help you understand the concepts of compounding interest, investments, and basic accounting principles. It’s a great, practical course that can prepare you for the real world.

Art and Design

These courses may seem like filler, but can help you develop an appreciation for the art around you. When you’re older and getting a job, house, and family have been accomplished, you can use the skills learned in this course to gain a deeper appreciation of art and design principles. This can give your life value that goes well beyond the cost of tuition.

Communication and Speech

It’s never too soon to start developing your ability to speak in front of audiences. If you want to get a master’s degree in law, a course in communications or diction can be a lifesaver. You’ll learn how to effectively communicate and get your point across clearly.


Understanding the past is the key to understanding the present. Fear comes from the unknown, but so much as happened in our history that having an understanding of the past can help provide you with a reference point. You’ll be better able to cope with changes in political and governmental environments, and act as a well-adapted individual and citizen.

Computer or Web Development

Even the most basic site requires some understanding of computers. Taking courses in computer and web development can help you better respond to changing needs and improve your ability to promote yourself in your chosen field. Even if it’s just the ability to update your company website, these skills will come in handy and make you more marketable.

Electives should help to bolster your application and prepare you for the real world. Don’t take the decision to choose your electives lightly. When you simply choose the easiest courses to make your college life easier, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Challenge yourself and take electives that force you to learn new skills and view life from another point of view.

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