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Moral Compass: Jobs that Will Make You Feel Good About Yourself

The majority of Americans, 52.3%, report that they are unhappy at work according to a report put out by the Conference Board. Areas of dissatisfaction include financial compensation, promotion opportunities, job security, health plans, retirement funds, vacation time, and sick leave. While many Americans are unhappy with their work, not all are. There are some great jobs available that will leave you feeling happy, satisfied, and good about yourself and those around you.

ClergyHandsome doctor in front of his team

Clergy not only lead a congregation in religious ceremonies and worship, but also tend to participate in helping morally guide their followers. They often provide counseling, perform ceremonies, and volunteer with community outreach programs. It’s a very fulfilling career with a lot of opportunities to help others.


What could possibly be more satisfying than helping to mold the future of our society through teaching children. Teachers work tirelessly with their students, parents, and often other community members to provide a strong education to youth.

Social Worker

Social workers help to make other’s lives better on a daily basis. They work in schools, hospitals, government offices, and jails to help their clients navigate difficult times in life. Social work degrees, or MSW online programs, are available at most colleges today, and work to prepare students for dealing with all kinds of difficult situations.

Firefighter and EMTs

In general, people have great respect for first responders such as firefighters and emergency medical technicians. You devote your life to rescuing, protecting, and educating people on how to stay safe and healthy. It’s an admirable career that gives as much as you do.

Physical and Occupational Therapists

While extremely hard working, physical and occupational therapists tend to have somewhat less demanding schedules than doctors or nurses, but still benefit from the daily human interaction. They plan and often directly execute plans to help increase mobility, decrease pain, and improve quality of life for their patients.

Nurses and Doctors

Though schedules are demanding, work is incredibly satisfying. Doctors and nurses have the opportunity to help treat people and counsel them through sickness, pregnancies, injuries, and other life changes. They also work extensively with other public health officials to help promote wellness in patients and their families.

Authors and Artists

Authors and artists enjoy the opportunity to express themselves through their work. The fact that it touches and impacts others around them is an additional perk.


Counselors get paid to listen and provide advice and guidance to their patients. They can work in a variety of settings, including schools, hospitals, government positions, and private practice.

While things such as income and potential for growth are factors in determining how satisfied a job makes someone, they are not the most important. Typically, the jobs that leave people feeling the best about themselves and the most content are careers that become the most popular.

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