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Why Do People Love Their Colleges?

collegesDeciding where to go to college or university can be a tough decision with so many options out there and so many horror stories about accumulating massive debt for a degree that can’t get you hired. Obviously, college/university is still better than the alternatives or graduates wouldn’t consistently out-earn most non-graduates each year. Therefore, you should still seriously think about going to college, but before you do, it’s important to get a sense as to why you should go to one over another. Recently on Reddit someone posed a challenge to students who love their colleges and universities. “Persuade me to go to your college.” Here are some responses.

1. “Western Washington University: It’s located in Bellngham, WA, which is one of the nicest possible places to live. We have a lot of really great programs: great STEM, ecological degrees of all kinds, and an AMAZING education program. I’m in the biochemistry major, which is more rigorous here than at most schools, esp public schools. We also have a lot of okay programs. Our biology program sucks. Really good campus food and lots of affordable off-campus living. A great place to live, work and play. Lots of opportunities to do fun things like climbing, hiking, running, skiing, etc. If you’re out of shape, you’re either going to get in shape or hate it here. We have a grocery outlet, and I eat for $40/week. That’s insanely cheap. Very small classes and all taught by professors.”

2. “UNC Wilmington. 8 to 1 girl to guy ratio (I guess that’s a negative if you’re a girl), RIGHT on the beach, that campus is beautiful and while it is big, it’s not gigantic. Also, the weather in Wilmington is awesome, not too hot in the summer and not too cold in the winter.”

3. “I’m so in love with Vassar: best financial aid in the country. my parents are pretty well off and i still pay way less than half the sticker price; incredibly kind, social but bookish, intellectual, and progressive student body. everyone is very smart and aware; tons of really interesting classes with amazing professors; no general ed requirements: you only have to take a quantitative class and a language; small, so there’s a really nice community and you see your friends everywhere; and most of the departments are top-notch.”

4. “University of Kansas: top of the line basketball team; huge array of well run clubs; enthusiastic faculty, which is hard to find in large universities; nice dorms with even better optional housing; thriving party scene; located in the most liberal part of Kansas; abundant Greek life; highly ranked engineering, architecture, city planning (#1 in the big 12), and med schools; the bus system here makes up for having a huge campus; the campus main drag is a restricted roadway meaning you can drive through campus after hours, but you’re safer during classes and this makes the buses super fast; top college town with best sports fans in the entire nation; an original mascot; if you have a hobby or interest or way of life you are guaranteed to share it with some people on campus; lots of good looking ladies and gents to meet at the parties that happen every weekend starting Wednesday; doctoral and other graduate studies in various fields with GTA positions that matter; career center that really cares that you get hired or snag that amazing internship; 30-minute drive from KC a town with a growing technology market, NFL, MLB, and MLS teams that have been trending upwards over the past couple years; [and] proximity to three other colleges and one of the best community colleges in the country, JCCC.”

5. “Purdue University: gorgeous campus; one of the largest Greek systems in the whole country; outstanding engineering, science, nursing programs; one of the nation’s largest international student populations; plenty of bars to hit around the campus; fairly easy to get weed; the Purdue’s cops are some of the chillest I’ve run into in the U.S.; our mascot is a [expletive] TRAIN! (Which can run over other schools’ mascots); the first and last men on the moon were Purdue alumni; [and] a significant number of astronauts are Purdue alumni.”

In Summary

People love their colleges for a variety of factors, so if you’re wondering which college is the best choice for you, consider first what is important to you. Do you want a place that gives you access to party life, the outdoors, the social scene, or great academics? What is your highest priority? Make a list of how each school that you’re considering measures up in each area and try to go to the one that will give you a well-rounded and rewarding experience. What factors matter most to you in the college selection process? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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