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Six College Degrees that Can Get You a Job Abroad

college-degrees-abroadWith the right degree, you have the amazing opportunity to work in a position overseas. There are many areas of expertise to explore, but like any degree, they require hard work and dedication. Use these ideas to make your traveling dream job a reality.

Teach English Abroad with a Bachelor’s Degree
English teachers can teach in regions such as Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. Abroad English teachers often teach adults with careers in international affairs. Most employers require you to hold a bachelor’s degree in a professional field as well as a teaching certificate.

Become a Diplomat with a Master’s in Diplomacy

A master’s degree in diplomacy can land you a job as a foreign service officer, civil service officer, or diplomatic security officer. There are many employer options including Peace Corps and U.S. Embassies. Diplomatic careers exist in every region of the world such as the Middle East and Europe.

Cover News from other Countries with a Degree in Journalism
A bachelor’s or master’s degree in journalism can give you the opportunity to report the news from other countries. It is a career that is more suited for the adventurous type, as you could work in many unstable areas. You may work for international media outlets or even as a freelancer.

Become an International Banker with a Degree in Finance
America’s economy is heavily involved in outsourcing and foreign trade, working with countries such as China and the European Union. As with any business, financial management is a must. Banks and credit unions will require at least a bachelor’s degree in finance for you to be considered.

Get involved in Government with an International Studies Degree
With a degree in international studies, you can work abroad with U.S. based agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency and Peace Corps. Learning a second language will give you a lead when being considered for a position abroad.

Work for a Non-Profit with a Cause Related Degree
With a professional degree such as in the medical field, you can make a world of difference by getting involved with non-profit agencies like Doctors without Borders. You can provide important services to countries where people would otherwise have to go without.

In order to be successful in your ventures, don’t leave the country without proper credentials or job security. Don’t wait until last minute to apply for a passport or work visa. Talk to your university about abroad opportunities.

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