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Student-Saving Tips: What to do in a Laptop Emergency

break-laptopAs a busy college student you know your laptop is your storage device for practically every project you turn in and if anything goes wrong with it, you might be doomed. There are many to go about handling a laptop emergency. These strategies include backing up your hard drive, knowing your resources ahead of time, and seeking help from fellow students and professors in the event of a catastrophe. When your laptop breaks down, it’s important to stay calm and use these tricks and tips to get through the situation.

Hard Drive Backups
The first tip is the most common laptop advice in the world. Back up your hard drive. The problem is, even though this tip is common knowledge, the majority of college students and even real world professionals simply don’t find the time or energy to do it.
Luckily for you, external hard drives are cheaper and faster than ever. Your drive can be backed up in the same time it takes to eat breakfast. Most laptop issues will require a hard drive wipe to be fixed, making this the single most important tool in your arsenal to handle future laptop emergencies without panic.

Know Your Resources
There is hope if you do end up in the unenviable position of a laptop emergency. Most colleges have computers available to work with, and robust IT departments that can come to your aid. Head over to the college library and ask around about where you can go to print out documents, pull important files from a hard drive backup, or get your laptop fixed.
If possible, know about these resources ahead of time. Print out the important phone numbers and department locations ahead of time so you’ll be ready to go in case of a disaster. If the school can’t help, get professionals like IT services in Ottawa to take a look. It might cost you a little more, but can really save you time in the long run.

Be Honest about Your Situation
When worst comes to worst, be honest. If you have a looming deadline when your laptop dies, immediately talk to your professors and project teammates about the situation. Your professors and friends have probably been in similar situations and will be able to extend deadlines, loosen up project requirements, and otherwise offer help to get you back on your feet. Remember that most people are kind and want to help others in need. Being honest is a great way to handle a stressful situation.

Most people will eventually have to deal with a laptop emergency at some point. By keeping regular hard drive backups, knowing your school’s resources ahead of time, and being honest about your situation when an emergency does occur, you will be able to avoid long-term damage to your reputation or GPA.

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