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How to Know If You Should Put College on Hold

Put college on hold

A question that every high school junior or senior asks themselves at some point in their academic journey is whether to put college on hold. Students are different, and they do not always operate on the same time tables. Some know early on what they want to do after high school and some do not.

College Close to Home: What are Your Options for Staying Local?

As high school graduation nears, you may find yourself slightly less than eager to embrace your impending adult life. The thought of taking on new responsibilities while away at college without your parents by your side can be rather galling. Rather than wander far from home, you can ease yourself into adulthood and college life by […]
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Three things guidance counselors don’t tell you…but they should.

Guidance counselors, while they don’t have classes to teach or papers to grade, may be the most harried adults in any school. Counselors perform a variety of tasks including course selection, college visits, college and scholarship applications, standardized testing, and counseling students with problems. There aren’t enough hours in a day. While they have students’ […]
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It’s a Balancing Act – 4 Tips to Develop Your Resume While Working.

With college prices rising, high school students are feeling the pressure to find a balance between working a part-time job to save money and building a resume to help them attain scholarship dollars. As great as that sounds, it is really possible to do both? Yes, it is possible! Here are a few strategies current […]
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Securing Letters of Recommendation

How to acquire letters of recommendation

When preparing for college applications, most students understand the importance of taking the SAT or ACT, but many underestimate the value of obtaining quality letters of recommendation. Many college applications and most scholarship applications require anywhere from one to three such recommendations. Every college applicant meets the basic requirements for admission, so having strong letters […]
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College Application Roundup: Posts Every Senior Should Read

Well, seniors, you’re at the start of your final year of high school, and that means while you may rule the roost on campus, you also have a lot of things to get ready for regarding the upcoming chapter of your life. College application is usually what most of you will be focusing on in […]
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College Admission Essay Help: 48 Tips For Getting It Right

Summer is on the horizon, and with it comes sleeping in, more availability at your job, late nights, and if you’re about to be a senior, the time to start your college application essay. While you’re the best person to write your essay, we’d like to help. With “College Admission Essay Help: 48 Tips For […]
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