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10 Study Tips to Make This Semester a Success

Pensive young student girl.Getting the energy and motivation to study can be a challenge for any student, whether you consistently get straight A’s, or if your grades could use a little work. Knowing how to study smart is the key to making your sessions more productive and efficient. Use these tips to help make your next study session and semester a success.

Study When You’re Tired

While you should not stay up all night to study, scientists recommend looking at the material right before you go to bed. During sleep, your brain strengthens new memories, and looking at your schoolwork right before bed can help you retain that information and incorporate it more fully into your memory.

Tell a Story

Relating your school material to reality can help you remember it better. A story or tale can make this information more memorable as well. Have a system that makes the material part of your life or stories.

Switch it Up

Don’t just stick to one subject when studying. Trying to learn the same thing over and over again can just frustrate you. Study a bunch of different material and in different ways or in different places.


A good way to study is to rewrite your notes, or take notes from the textbook. Simply writing something out can imprint the subject in your brain.


Coffee works. Studies show that caffeine keeps us more energized and alert. Be careful not to consume too much caffeine so you’re not over-hyper or can’t concentrate.

Meet up with Friends

Group work doesn’t always work for every student, but sometimes having others around to float ideas off of can help you understand concepts better. Limit the groups to only 3 or 4 people. Too many can cause the group to get off track.


Although it might sound strange, it is recommended to stare at a blank white wall for approximately three minutes before you begin studying. Doing this can help calm you down and reduce stress and anxiety, and therefore make it easier to learn the material. Use other relaxation methods as well, like a Way of Will mind clearing inhaler or incense.


Dancing it out to music is definitely another stress reliever, and it’s a good break to take. It will wake you up, and you will definitely feel more refreshed and ready to read afterwards. You can even use dance steps to help memorize material to.

Take a Break

Taking breaks is scientifically proven to help improve our ability to focus on a simple task and boost productivity. Don’t forget to give yourself some resting points.

Get off the Internet

It’s no secret that using your phone or surfing the web on your laptop is a big distracter. This can be easily prevented by turning off your phone/computer and putting them away, so you can only focus on your studying.

While it may be impossible to use all ten of these tips while studying, try to use at least one, and see the improvement in your test scores!

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