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HiSET Exam: Tips And Tricks For Doing Your Best

Before preparing for any exam, you need to first look at three things: 1) the actual testing date; 2) the amount of time that you have to prepare for it; and 3) the knowledge and comprehension gaps that need to be filled in order to ensure a good outcome. Obviously the further away from the […]
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Up To The TASC? Follow These Tips, And You Will Be

For the longest time, the GED was the only game in town when it came to making certain that a student was prepared for life after high school. And while the GED was commonly stigmatized by those attending normal high school classes, all employers really cared about was that the student had proven themselves proficient […]
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Top 10 GED Study Tips

The GED may have competition in the form of HiSET and TASC, but for now and the foreseeable future, it’s the biggest test there is for determining whether one is ready for life beyond high school. That’s why we’ve put together a quick list of the top 10 GED study tips that you need to […]
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GED Language Arts: What To Know

The GED Reasoning Through Language Arts exam can be a challenging obstacle for alternative learners looking to ace the high school equivalency exam. Part of what makes it so is the fact that it isn’t just about novels and short stories. The exam does a fine job of showing how reading and writing is important […]
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GED, HiSET and TASC: Three Tests Every High Schooler Should Know

Life circumstances don’t always put students in the best position to navigate the challenges of a traditional high school education. Thankfully, students who do experience a non-traditional approach to this part of their lives have a way to catch up and experience all the same educational opportunities of their peers. For the longest time, this […]
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Breaking Down the ACT

With all of the talk of test prep and college readiness, high school students often sign up for standardized entrance exams like the ACT and the SAT, but have no idea what either test truly entails. Let’s examine the ACT in more detail. The ACT has four required sections (English, math, science and reading) and […]
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SAT and ACT Week: The Ultimate Mind and Body Prep Ritual

Tutoring students for the SAT an ACT isn’t just a random assortment of meetings – it’s a process. Do yourself the world’s biggest favor and follow these 7 steps to better your SAT and ACT scores.

Big SAT Changes Coming In 2016

The College Board has admitted that its SAT exam doesn’t focus enough on key academic skills required to make it in the 21st Century, according to a new article from the New York Times. With that in mind, the organization is embarking on a number of changes that will result in a significantly altered assessment. […]
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5 GED Editing Tips For Perfecting What You Have To Say

We’ve said numerous times in the past that to be a good writer, you have to be a good reader. Unfortunately, we often leave out one important component (accidentally, of course): editing. Reading is not enough because when we read, we tend to leave out words and punctuation. We know what it says in our […]
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5 GED Writing Tips To Help You Succeed

One of the most challenging parts of the GED to prepare for is the writing portion. When you’re forced to put together your thoughts into a coherent, cohesive whole, free from mistakes and lapses in logic, it can be difficult, especially on a time crunch! There is no knowledge base or word bank that you […]
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